Audrey Sutherland-Bolton
Stockport, Cheshire.

Tel: 0161 427 7926
Fax: 0161 427 7926
E-Mail: Khalila.Lhasas@ntlworld.com
Website: www.khalilalhasaapsos.co.uk

Khalila Lhasa Apso's Dog site featuring my Champions.
Colin Andersson
Cambridgeshire, England

Tel: 01354 659838
E-Mail: apso@tantra-apso.com

House raised puppies occasionally. Bred for temperament and soundness and breed type. Hamilton/European/USA/UK lines. All dogs eye tested yearly.

Sally Pointon
Lincolnshire, England.

Tel: 01529 241 396

E-Mail: S.Pointon@btinternet.com

Pat Barthorpe
Mansfield, Notts., England.

Tel: 01623 846836
E-Mail: patarch237@aol.com

All my puppies are home reared
and i do like to breed black lhasa's


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