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Australian Shepherd Club Of The UK 22/09/18
National Australian Shepherd Association 04/11/18

Australian Cattle Dog Society of Great Britain 22/09/18

Southern Counties Bearded Collie Club 03/02/18
Eastern Bearded Collie Association 02/04/18
North Of England Bearded Collie Club 06/05/18
Midshires Bearded Collie Club 05/08/18
Bearded Collie Club Of Scotland 13/10/18
Bearded Collie Club 01/12/18

Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog Club 14/08/18

Border Collie Club Of Great Britain 18/03/18
Southern Border Collie Club 08/04/18
East Anglian Border Collie Club 07/05/18
Midlands Border Collie Club 10/06/18
Border Collie Club Of Wales 22/07/18
North West Border Collie Club 21/10/18
Scottish Border Collie Club 04/11/18
West Of England Border Collie Club 18/11/18

Briard Association 23/09/18
British Briard Club 09/12/18

Midland Collie Club 10/02/18
British Collie Club 03/03/18
Collie Club Of Wales 07/04/18
Northumberland and Durham Collie Club 14/04/18
Lancashire and Cheshire Collie Club 06/05/18
London Collie Club 10/06/18
West Of England Collie Society 08/07/18
East Anglian Collie Association 05/08/18
Irish Collie Club 29/09/18
Ayrshire Collie Club 13/10/18
London and Provincial Collie Club 18/11/18
Collie Association 25/11/18
Smooth Collie Club of GB 01/09/18
Finnish Lapphund Club Of Great Britain 14/04/18

Sheffield German Shepherd Dog Society 08/04/18
South Yorkshire Alsatian Association 02/04/18
Southern Alsatian Training Society 06/05/18
North Eastern German Shepherd Dog Club 26/05/18
German Shepherd Dog Club of Northern Ireland 28/07/18
South Western German Shepherd Dog Club 12/08/18
North Wales German Shepherd Dog Club 29/09/18
Fife German Shepherd Dog Club 06/10/18

Hungarian Puli Club Of Great Britain 01/09/18

Lancashire Heeler Club 07/10/18
Norwegian Buhund Club Of The UK 20/10/18

Old English Sheepdog Club Of Scotland 25/03/18
Old English Sheepdog Club Of Northern Ireland 05/05/18
Greater Old English Sheepdog Club 10/06/18
Old English Sheepdog Club of Wales 15/07/18
South Eastern Old English Sheepdog Club 14/10/18
Lancastrian Old English Sheepdog Club 21/10/18
Midland Old English Sheepdog Club 02/12/18

Polish Lowland Sheepdog Club 15/04/18

Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Of Great Britain 25/02/18
South Eastern Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club 01/04/18
North Of England Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club 21/10/18

Northern Samoyed Society 25/03/18
Samoyed Association 06/05/18
Samoyed Breeders and Owners League 11/11/18
British Samoyed Club 02/12/18

Scottish Shetland Sheepdog Club 18/02/18
Shetland Sheepdog Club Of Wales 18/03/18
Northern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club 01/04/18
Shetland Sheepdog Club Of Northern Ireland 29/09/18
English Shetland Sheepdog Club 18/11/18
Mid Western Shetland Sheepdog Club 27/10/18
Shetland Sheepdog Club Of North Wales 10/11/18
Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club 18/11/18

Swedish Vallhund Society 14/07/18

Midland Welsh Corgi Club 03/03/18
South Wales Corgi Club 24/03/18
Eastern Counties Welsh Corgi Club 08/04/18
Welsh Corgi League 05/05/18
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Association 29/09/18
Welsh Corgi Club of Ulster 29/09/18
West of England Corgi Association 06/10/18
Pennine and Yorkshire Welsh Corgi Association 13/10/18

All dates kindly supplied by The Kennel Club.