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Issue: 23/06/2017


I have just received some terrible news from a customer of mine.
Her eldest Labrador has had to be put to sleep because he decided he rather fancied a corn on the cob. Unfortunately by the time they realised he had it he decided to swallow it.
He was rushed to the Vet and they operated but it had got stuck in the top part of the bowel and although it was removed the damage it had done was bad.
Please be careful, bbq time can be dangerous to our four legged friends.
Also, please carry a little water with you when attending classes or shows  as it is so hot just so they can wet their mouth and a sponge to wet the head to cool them while this weather is with us.
Yours etc
Dot Cullum

We need to know

I WAS interested to read in last week's issue about the Chepstow Racecourse being dropped by the KC.
One thing I wondered, however, was just how much money has already been invested in this, if you'll pardon the pun, non-starter? And if money has been spent - which it must surely have been - then how much and where has it come from?
I breed lightly, show my dogs regularly and therefore spend what is, to me, a pretty decent amount of money per annum. A good amount of this money goes to the KC.
I do hope that we will find out soon where our money is going, or being wasted, whichever the case may be.
Yours etc
Name and address supplied

fine mess...

Sometimes organisations keep getting themselves into a mess and the RSPCA seems to have been thrown into turmoil yet again after their CEO Jeremy Cooper stepped down after only a year in the role.
At first I was impressed that he admitted that the charity had 'made mistakes' in the past. If ever there was an understatement! 
He did seem to be getting them on the right track manoeuvring them away from all the political stuff like taking established hunts to court. 
Whatever the rights and wrongs of fox hunting the RSPCA is not a political organisation and they should concentrate on the nitty gritty aspects of animal welfare. That is what they are there for!
The watchwords for any organisation, whatever the size and what ever the sector, is to make sure that it is governed properly. This is especially true for an organisation of such importance as the RSPCA.
From what I understand it has not been managed well for many years and they have still to take on all the Wooler recommendations that were made three or four years ago.
This is a 140 million business and yet it can't seem to work out a way to manage itself properly. We all know that there are still some over zealous inspectors that still exist who have been known to harass perfectly innocent breeders. It also got in to trouble for 'wealth screening' its donors so that it could get more money.
I get the feeling that the RSPCA thinks that it will never be allowed to fail and that it can meander along for as long as it wants doing more or less as it wants.
In their arrogance they should realise that the future has a habit of making fools of us all. They are already receiving less money in donations I believe, reports suggest they will lose the 'royal' tag when the Queen stands down and I am sure a future government will take away their right to prosecute.
Then we will see what will happen to the RSPCA.
It would be churlish of me not to wish the new interim Michael Ward all the best in his new post but I suspect, like Mr Cooper, he will find the job of getting the organisation back on its feet and fit for purpose extremely difficult.
Yours etc,
Veronica Ridge

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