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Issue: 20/10/2017

Sense and logic!

One hundred years ago, in 1917, there was a book published by Alfred North Whitehead called The Organisation of Thought, Educational and Scientific. He was a mathematician and philosopher and he wrote in this book, 'Neither common sense nor science can proceed without departing from the strict consideration of what is actual in experience.'
I think there are people in our hobby, who shall remain nameless, who do not follow either common sense or logic (science) in the way that they behave. Perhaps what they perceive as 'actual in experience' is different from the rest of us. They act in an irrational and unfriendly way.
Interestingly, I seem to remember that Whitehead points out that the difference between an ordinary person and an artist can be made by how they see at a chair. Most people think a chair is something to sit on whereas an artist, 'might have stopped at the mere contemplation of a beautiful colour and a beautiful shape.'
A dog, he points out, would also just think the chair was made to be jumped on whereas a chair to a human being can have all sorts of associations apart from its function.
Anyway, I apologise for getting deep and philosophical but my point is that at the moment there are people in certain breeds who can ruin a perfectly good dog show because they do not recognise, 'what is actual in experience.' 
Because of this they pursue vendettas to the Nth degree that can cause deep upset to people as well as bringing splits in breed clubs and societies. I know people who have given up showing because of these people who do not see the world in the same way that most people see it.
I do not have a solution about what to do about these people but perhaps the arbiters of our hobby should be more circumspect when they investigate any unsubstantiated claims made by them...
Yours etc
Shirley Talbot

Wise words from Club

Just had to write regarding above the Border Terrier Club's letter to the KC regarding the JCF.
What a great piece. This expresses
the view of most people I have spoken to. Many people are really put off from taking up judging these days. After 55 years of dogs being my hobby, and awarding CCs for 30 + years in all varieties of Dachshund,  at 78 I have decided to retire  gracefully. Age and health catches up with all of us. 
However, even if still younger like a number of other people I would not be judging after 2019. 
Dog showing has gone beyond
a hobby now. I started at the bottom with a nice whippet, then a
cocker, eventually in the 70's bou ght a mini  wire dachs. Did some winning, judged at small shows then awarded my first set of CCs in l986.
I have awarded some 30+ sets, including Crufts. I also did well in the ring and made up champs, in fact I could have judged there again this year but had to withdraw through ill health. I've made up Champions in mini wire and mini
longs, including BOB  twice at Crufts so think I know what I am speaking about.
In the past judges just had an eye for a dog or other livestock. Bred
good dogs, made up champs then after a number of years would be asked to judge, if they were any good went on to eventually award CC's. I personally still think this is the way. Some made good judges some not.
Also as stated Secretaries and others are working people and haven't time to be all over the place, but still have families to think of also. Not everyone can do exams, but still breed good dogs and make excellent
judges, most just want to judge their own breed. Well done Border Terrier people.
Yours etc
Jean Hallett

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