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Issue: 15/12/2017

Thanks from Boston

Boston DCS Championship Show 2018 and entries for the show are finally closed and the details have been published. 
We are very proud to say we have an entry of 5296 dogs which means the entry for the show has increased by 469 dogs on 2017.
The Committee would like to thank all the exhibitors, stewards, helpers, and judges who have made this achievement possible.
Over the years Boston has gone from two Limited shows a year, to two Open shows a year, then to one Open show and one Premier show, and finally gaining Championship show status and one Premier show a year.
Without all the support we have had this would not have been possible, thank you for everything.
Your etc
Pat Dufty

Bravo KC

I was delighted to see that the KC is again holding its Breeders competiton again next year.
It's such a joy to watch this at the champ shows, showing just how the very best dogs can look together.
My question is what about doing something with the OUR DOGS' competitions? Why not have the top pippies, sures and broods finals too, with the winners invited to Crufts and then judged in a similar way?
It really would highlight to the world what amazing dogs we have in the UK.
Something to think about.
Yours etc
Pauline Samuel

Another great 
OUR DOGS annual

Christmas has officially begun as I now have my personal copy of Our Dogs annual 2018.
I was happy to get to LKA on Saturday bearing in mind the difficult circumstances.
My congratulations once more to the entire team who put the annual together as it does not disappoint. Fantastic photos, beautiful adverts displaying some stunning dogs. Great print quality and lots of information for the coming year as well.
I now need to buy another one to give us a present and I know it will be very welcome gift for my doggy friends.
Yours etc
Eleanor Shapner

Well done LKA

The LKA committee have to be congratulated for the way the show was re-organised on Sunday. 
The working staff in the show and car park were so very helpful to everyone and the judging was held up as late as possible for people stuck in the awful conditions on the roads. 
Amazing how many people managed to make it - but of course dog folk are used to all weather conditions and think nothing of it. 
I thought that even with fewer people there on that day that the atmosphere was a happy one and I send my thanks to the Secretary and committee for a good show.
Your etc
Irene Horner

Take the punishment

I READ with great interest the front page of OUR DOGS lat week, regarding the judge being banned and also his, quite frankly pathetic, post on Facebook, which someone sent to me as I do not do social media.
The British dog world is based on TRUST! Honesty, integrity and trust are paramount. To knowingly falsify a hip score, eye test, registration or a pedigree is, in my book,  a carnal sin, so too are 'repeated discrepancies and inaccuracies' on KC judges' questionnaires. These kind of actions rock the very foundations of which we are so proud.
I have a piece of advice for this 'renowned judge': put up, shut up and take your punishment, you did, after alll, admit the charges.
Yours etc
Derek Smith

Thanks from Dogmatic

A huge THANK YOU to all our Dogmatic Customers who voted for us!
Dogmatic are extremely proud to announce that they are Winners of the 'Product I can't live without' category of the Your Dog Magazine Product Awards 2017/18. 
This is a wonderful achievement for Dogmatic to become the first Company to win such an amazing accolade for the fifth time in a category that spans the pet product market.
Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to vote for us and for this wonderful win!! It really does mean a great deal to us.
We are delighted to hear how much the Dogmatic Headcollar has helped owners and their dogs and it is their 'must have' product.
Yours etc
The Dogmatic Team

Well done ladies

I WOULD like to commend the ladies of the LKA for looking after all exhibitors, judges and stewards so well at last weekend's show, which could have been an absolute disaster...but wasn't!
The snow did put a lot of people off, and no wonder, but those of us who did brave it were rewarded with yet another great show, with a great atmosphere as ever.
It certainly didn't seem to dampen spirits, and the Dunkirk 'let's get on with it' attitude prevailed.
As for the cries of cheap champions and risking all for a CC, utter nonesense. The snow we get over here is as nothing compared with other countries, we just seem to grind to a halt at the mere mention of a bit of the white stuff.
So I for one say well done LKA, it'll take more than a few inches of snow to stop me from enjoying my hobby.
Yours etc
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