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Issue: 17/05/2024

Shame on you RKC

The Royal Kennel Club’s surprise and controversial statement on 9 May 2024 was made without consultation or prior warning to the Miniature Dachshund community. Removing the means of monitoring the size difference between Standard and Miniature Dachshunds means that we will lose three breeds from the Hound Group very quickly indeed. What a record for the RKC; an organisation founded 150 years ago by men of honour and principle to record, protect and promote pure bred dogs. We have no health or welfare problems in our miniature rings. That is why we show them so they can be SEEN. 
How many complaints have the RKC received in the last 10 years from judges who have judged our miniature breeds and found health and welfare problems?
This concern expressed by the RKC regarding health and welfare problems is very selective. The RKC display no concern for the health and welfare of the thousands of Miniature Smooth Dachshunds and French Bulldogs registered by the RKC carrying the colour dilute gene for incurable Alopecia. Many of these dog breeds, as you read this, will be scratching and tearing at their flesh craving for relief from this unbearable irritation caused by this incurable condition. 
I brought this issue to the attention of the RKC whilst attending a meeting called by the RKC in early 2022. I described the condition and also produced pictures of dogs suffering. I asked the RKC to make a health and welfare public announcement asking the public not to buy a dog that was grey, silver, blue, lilac, purple or lavender because these colours are linked to Colour Dilute Alopecia.
I have asked the RKC a further twice to make this announcement and so far they have ignored my requests.
I call on all of the Board Members of the RKC to review this decision and also consider making the puppy buying public aware of Colour Dilute Alopecia, only then will I develop some respect for the RKC and its Officers and Board Members until then SHAME ON YOU ALL!
Yours etc
Lovaine Coxon

No consultation?

On Friday 9th May a statement was sent from the RKC to the Dachshund Breed Council and all Dachshund Clubs stating that the weighing of miniatures will be withdrawn from the 1st July 2024 due to Health and Welfare.
Whether you agree with weighing the dogs at shows or not this major decision was made without any consultation with the Dachshund Breed Council or Clubs. No chance to have a serious debate on the subject with hopefully coming to an agreeable conclusion. The RKC has insulted all miniature dachshund breeders, past and present, who have bred a line of fit and healthy miniatures of the correct desired weight. By having the scales at shows it enables judges, especially the new ones, to know whether they are following the Breed Standard by not awarding high honours to overweight dachshunds. It is difficult sometimes to guess at the weight purely by the overall look.
The RKC states it is due to Health and Welfare. We haven’t heard anything from the RKC about this problem and to my knowledge haven’t come across emaciated dogs at our shows. How does the RKC expect to get respect and help from us when they make a decision of this kind? Shame on you RKC. During these difficult times we should all be trying to pull together. We need an explanation please on how you came to this decision and on whose advice. 
Yours etc
Judy Squires (Pres. of the Miniature Dachshund Club)

Contest of Champions

On page 12 OD May 10th your excellent correspondent reporting the latest Contest of Champions stated that the Chow Chow d Ch Ukwong King Solomon won best in show at Crufts. Whilst a multiple BIS winner at championship shows in the early 1970s and holder of a record number of 78 CCs for many years he never ‘lifted’ the big trophy at Crufts. Among his other accolades was Chow of the Year for four consecutive years 1973/76 and seventeen best in shows at the highest level. 
Owned by Mrs Joan Egerton and handled by Eric Egerton they lived in the Peak District at Fernilee Hall, near Whaley Bridge before retiring to Alicante in Spain. I lived in the same area where I played squash at a club in Disley. One of the regulars in the squash ladder was the man who bought Fernilee Hall off the Egertons. Well into the 1990s he still got Christmas cards from puppy owners and phone calls, many from abroad, for them which he patiently forwarded and re-directed - such was their fame!
Yours etc
Bill Moores

Diluting the 
purity of our breeds

I was disappointed to read about the French KC’s plan to change the breed standard to allow Particoloured Poodles because it is all part of the way dog showing is moving towards the lowest common denominator.
Recently, we found out that the KC are losing money and I can see the attraction for Kennel Clubs to open things up to bring in more registrations. So, it won’t be long until Labradoodles and Cockapoos are recognised as breeds by The Kennel Club. You may think I am exaggerating but give it five or ten years who knows one of those crossbreed dogs may win Crufts!
Entries are falling at shows and in order to fight this the KC will feel it has to move towards diluting the purity of our treasured breeds in order to maintain its income. They will destroy the very essence of our hobby in the search for popularity.
They feel under pressure from the animal rights activists and feel they have to dance to their tune. If they go down that road, they will find it is a dead end. 
Yet, all the KC has to do to be popular is to stand up for pedigree dogs!
Yours etc,
Virginia Harrop

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