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Issue: 13/04/2018

Lucy's Law

I regard both Beverley Cuddy and Marc Abraham as good friends, and I applaud their dedication and determination in pursuing the important principle of Lucy's Law.  But, oh, that it were as simple as it appears.  
Beverley is therefore not only unfair, she is, in my opinion,  unkind in her letter in last week's Our Dogs.  
Her emotional tirade branding those who recognise the complex impact such legislation would bring as 'hand wringing, uncaring and cynical' is unreasonable and her suggestions about their motives quite unacceptable.  
Could anyone believe for a second that individuals and organisations who have worked for many years to improve the standards of dog breeding and the health and welfare of puppies would not support any measure which would solve this raft of complex problems.  Of course they would.  
I can assure her and Marc, neither of whom, incidentally, have sat around the table at the Canine and Feline Sector Group (see Speakers Corner last week) that there is universal agreement that the principal of first party sales is by far the best solution, but that a ban is not the answer, tempting thought it certainly is, is not, for the moment, either sensible or feasible.   
The current legislation planned for the autumn is not, in my opinion, a full solution either, but nevertheless, it is at least a sensible step forward and will, if enforced, improve matters significantly.  The current thinking (this includes the RSPCA, incidentally) is to support the current government proposals and learn from their impact.  This is a pragmatic approach and much discussion, time and thought has gone into it.  When I have time I will go into the history of who has made accurate predications and who has been misguided over pet legislation over the last forty years.  It will be revealing.
Yours etc
David Cavill, FRSA

Blocking is cheating!

While I was showing at a breed club open show earlier this year, I was quite shocked to be at the receiving end of blocking in the ring. I haven't witnessed this happening for many years. 
For those exhibitors new to the show ring, this is when one exhibitor purposely places themselves between the dog being shown next to them and the judge so that the judge doesn't then have a clear view of that dog, thereby putting the dog and exhibitor at a disadvantage. This practice is cheating. 
Maybe I should have just said something but I just moved myself and my dog to a better position and had to several times. If I was new to dog showing, people who do this could have put me off, but I've been around show rings for longer than that! This carry on must have been obvious to the judge as the other exhibitor was so blatant about what they were doing. The judge, if they knew what was happening, surely should have asked the ring steward to have a word with the person in question. 
At Crufts, while I was watching the breed judging I was thrown the blackest of looks by this person. I don't know this person, had never met this person, so what that was about is beyond me! If blocking happens to me in future maybe I'll just speak up in a very loud voice so everyone else can hear as well! There really is no place for such behavior in the show ring. 
Yours etc
Mrs M H Anderson

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