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Issue: 23/11/2018

Happy days

It was a bit of a shock to see my prefix 'Gbos' on the front page of Our Dogs last week. But it did bring back so many happy memories. 
In 1966 I obtained my first Rottweiler from the famous Chesara Kennels who was Chesara Dark Opal. She became my first champion and HD32 too, the first in Scotland which I was so proud of.
Opal only had two litters but her daughter produced Ch Gbos Gaytimes who became the top winning Rottweiler in the country. The many friends with Rottweilers used to meet in my field every Sunday for training and agility, finishing with a cup of tea and home baking. A fun day was always ordered with my sisters 'Vbos' Flatcoated Retrievers joining in too. 
We then started the Scottish Rottweiler Club, I still meet up with some of the founder members and exchange snaps of the many lovely Rotties in my field. Such happy times.
Yours etc
Glady B. Ogilvy Shepherd MBE 

How many CCs does a Champion need?

With FB forums and news papers all discussing the 'three' and what the KC will do, are we losing sight of what is happening in the dog world? With numbers falling as people leave, fed up with the current system, it seems the KC have applied their blinkers and ear plugs to the reality of it all.
On a forum recently the topic was champions with multiple CCs and the damage they are doing to the show scene as a whole. Exhibitors want a fairer system where they are not just making up numbers for faces just to collect tickets on the dogs they have.
We all know how expensive this hobby of ours is and the vast distances we travel, it's not just the money for the entries, or the overnight accommodation that is paid out or fuel, to that we can add the upkeep of the vehicles, time and effort, all this to add just another ticket to a dog that has enough to make up seven champions.
On the other hand it can be said that if a dog is good enough it will break through, but in reality how true is this, with ticket swapping and judges going along with what is safe, we can ask how many are willing to take a gamble and put up a dog that is better without upsetting the status quo.
A champion class has been called for by exhibitors for years and has fallen on deaf ears, not only by the KC but also by the breed clubs. Change isn't something they want but without it exhibitors are pulling dogs and walking away.
This isn't the only effect it has, how many of these champions are really true champions, how many have gained their titles from friends?
Making up numbers has always been a part of showing but modern exhibitors want more for their money than the fixing game that is sometimes the system at present.
Another effect which I think is the worst is the damage done to the breeds, how many breeds have changed as good dogs are passed by in the gene pool for poorer specimens because they have the title Ch? this damage is long lasting and hard to rectify once it has taken hold in any breed.
It seems at some breed club shows where the open show and champ show fall on the same day a champion class is needed as the CC champions and their owners not only want the wins there but also at the open shows as well.
Open shows were always a great training ground for dogs and for new exhibitors and certain ones also have Champion classes, what glory is there in it for the faces?
It seems that all it does is bloat their egos and other exhibitors  are left feeling next time we won't bother, save our money and they can come on their own.
With some dogs collecting over 20 CCs, some bred from and brought back just to continue the cycle for their owners, when do they say it is enough? Sadly it seems never, the destruction they are doing doesn't come into it, let them carry on. Soon they won't be able to boost it as they will be the only ones there.
Now the cheating is so in your face with numbers so drastically lower than they used to be it's not so easy to cover it up. With the KC getting reports in advance of who is going to win how long can they ignore it?
As one forum has stated what would happen if it is all exposed in the papers, where would the KC tuck it all away then? 
New judges are what is needed with the ethics to do the right thing, not follow like sheep, but it seems with breed clubs in charge this may never happen.They don't want honest judges, they want ones that will not rock the boat. The KC needs to make a stance and take over all training and exams allowing the correct judges to go through, not blocked and over looked, maybe then it might start to change. They also need to bring in the champion class, it needs to be acted upon now and not TOO LATE as the KC seems to do, always 20 steps behind on everything, often too little too late.
Yours etc
Mrs D Britton

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