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Issue: 13/10/2017

Boys and girls it is!

The response to my letter  (OD September 15) appears to be that boys and girls are more popular than dogs and bitches.
I concede defeat and am now in the process of arranging a show, the classes will be as follows: Infant, Toddler, Teenager, Adult and Pensioner!
Anyone interested just get in touch.
Yours etc
Brenda Ellis

New guideline horror

I moved into my small boarding kennels 30 years ago. Why? Because I like dogs, I have had dogs all my life!
Over the years improvements have continually been made and I have built a successful business.
I have had my licence renewed by my local council every year, until this year. The council sent an officer and a vet for the annual check in December 2016.
I paid for the licence, then I had a letter to say that as I did not comply with the new model licence conditions I could not have the licence renewed.
The kennels were fine but the outside runs were not covered, and I would have to have filled in panels between each run.
At the time I had never even heard of the new conditions - even though I have taken the dog papers for years, also boarding kennel magazines.
The kennels were rebuilt approximately 14 years ago, brick built with tile roof.
Each kennel is five feet wide by 10 feet long. Windows are double glazed, new fluorescent lights etc, so the inside was fine, but because of the outside runs it was a no. My business was closed.
My happy customers and dogs have had to go elsewhere, my staff are now unemplyed.
I have tried to get the work done but nobody in my area seems to want to do the work.
Have any readers had an experience like this? Is it even legal to put me out of business without giving me time to sort things out?
I have been in  touch with Defra, who have told me that the government has not passed these new guidelines yet.
Please help.
Yours etc
Kathleen Wild


I would like to apologise to the exhibitors of Griffon Bruxellois at Darlington Championship Show on the 17th September for withdrawing at such short notice due to the grave illness of a very close friend. 
I thank everyone for the wonderful entry and support and hope you all had a pleasant day. 
Yours etc
Mark Cocozza
Good parts to JCF

Having read the comments offered by the BT Club,  I'd like to put some positivity into the JCF scheme being piloted.  
It's important to remember that although the programmed start date is Jan19, there are numerous breeds piloting the scheme for 18 months and probably there will be tweaks along the way if and when certain areas are found to be not quite as intended or not working well. 
I am Secretary of two Breed Clubs, both of which are participating in the pilot.  One a numerically large breed and the other a rare breed.  Both face different challenges both financially and administratively.
But any change process is always a challenge, disliked by some or embraced by those that want the proposed outcome to deliver its purpose.  Many were against  the last KC educational requirements which were introduced back in the late 1990s when we all had to do the three KC seminars (at our own cost) and jump through various other hoops to progress our judging careers.  That's been with us nearly 20 years and doesn't now seem to be an issue is was, despite remaining basically unchanged.   We all made it work.
Other people could no doubt counter most of the points made by the BTC, or equally significantly add to them.  But surely what's being piloted is intended as a legacy for future judges, something which will endure long after some of us involved in it now are long since retired.  It has to be trialled and honed.
The BTC comment that no consultation was carried out.  Maybe sobut consultation is a two edged sword - we only have to look at the two simple questions asked in the Brexit referendum to see what division  "asking the nation" has delivered.  There are well over 210 breeds, with Breed Councils and multiple breed clubs, all no doubt with differing opinions about how to "fix" things.  Difficult to achieve consensus on a common goal, I'd say. 
All I'd say is keep an open mind and give the JCF Pilot a chance.
 Yours etc
Ann Stephenson

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