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Issue: 15/03/2019

Reports clarification
I would like to clarify a point re a comment in the "Opinion" column in OD March 1st.
Up until WWII the reports published in the canine press were penned by a journalist, the actual judges report was printed in the Kennel Gazette.
Yours etc
Catherine Owen

I'll stick to 
Leeds thanks!

Having had time to reflect on our Crufts experience, and not having shown here for five years despite qualifying every year, we will not be repeating it for a long time. 
We have attended and shown at 23 Champ shows in the last year, and all our four dogs had qualified numerous times over the last year. We decided to only show our two youngest (Sam and Blue) because we knew what hard work it is to show at the NEC, Birmingham. We would rank this show 23rd out of 23 shows attended for the following reasons:- 
1. 20 minute trek from car park to hall and return trek "IN RAIN" because you cannot leave till 4pm, we were finished by 2pm when it was not RAINING.
2. 50 minutes to get out of car park (because everybody leaving at same time 4pm+!)
3. 9.70 for a pint of beer and lager, Dick Turpin is alive and well and working in the bar at NEC.
4. The battle from the Rough Collie ring in Hall 1 to the Sheltie's in Hall 2 through the crowds in the trade stands in both halls.
5. This show is not organised for exhibitors just the general public.
Think we will stick to going to shows like Leeds, Blackpool, Border Union, Belfast, and or all the shows in Ireland where they put the exhibitor first.
Yours etc
Peter John Savage (Savataurus)

More from 
the rings please

I was not able to make it to Crufts this year. Whilst I missed the excitement of being at the world's greatest dog show I did not miss the crowds, the parking and all the other hassle involved.
It is amazing in these technological days that one can watch Crufts live through the computer. Yet the feed that I viewed just seemed to show agility and flyball and exciting to watch as these sports are I would have liked to watch a few classes.
Perhaps the powers that be can work out a way with the clever people who produce these images to show some of the classes taking place.
I appreciate that this would be a massive undertaking and could be limited to just the popular breeds to begin with but it would be a start.
At Crufts there are 36 rings plus the special event rings. I believe they use over 40 cameras to show a football match. To take in all the rings you would not need that many.
In this age of digital technology you could have a dedicated feed online for each ring. It may take a bit of investment to set up but it would be possible for people to watch their breed being judged at Crufts.
Now I know that the KC may not want this to happen as it may be felt that people would not go to the event if they can watch it all at home. I would refute that.
First, football stadiums are sold out even though there are cameras there and highlights shown later. Secondly, a lot of people who go to Crufts are not involved in the game. Finally, I think it would be great for those people who can't go but still want to see what is going on.
Anyway, just an idea. It may be a mad one but who knows someone may make it happen.
Yours etc
Harold Paynton

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