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Issue: 05/10/2018


We are all aware that the judges Competency Framework is expected to come into effect as of January 2020 and this will bring an end to the concept of Breed Specialists and Non-Breed Specialists. 
Or will it? Surprisingly the Kennel Club is content for breed clubs to maintain their own lists after that date and also that they can indicate on these lists individuals who have a close connection with the breed. Is this not a Breed Specialist?
I stumbled across another related aspect a few days ago when discussion amongst respected canine friends revolved around the fact that the Kennel Club would appear to now only recognise that an individual can be considered a Breed Specialist in one breed only. How many people are aware that this is the case? I am both honoured and proud that I have been accorded the status of Breed Specialist in six different breeds. Do I now face the prospect of having to choose the one breed in which I wish to be considered a specialist and advise the others that I cannot be listed as such?
We have just passed the July deadline for breed clubs to submit their annual returns. These include copies of the clubs' judging lists and criteria, compiled in accordance with the KC Advisory Criteria For The Compilation of Breed Club Judges Lists.  This document contains sections on Specialists and Non Specialists. Breed Clubs compile and submit their lists in good faith with the expectation that these are accepted and adhered to by our governing body. They will continue to do so until the end of 2019. Does the Kennel Club already disregard the differentiation between Breed Specialists and Non-Breed Specialists? Has this practice been adopted in advance of the roll out of the JCF which will, in effect, ratify something which has been introduced by stealth? We have been advised that, in accordance with the JCF, suitably qualified judges will be listed only alphabetically and will only be able to be selected by societies from this list.
Some cynically view the JCF as a universal panacea which will address all anomalies when it is rolled out in 2020. Rumour abounds that this date has already slipped and it may have slipped as far as 2024, according to some. This presents additional challenges to breed clubs who are faced with the prospect of further uncertainty surrounding not only the compilation of future judging lists but inviting future judges to officiate at their shows.  
Confused? I certainly am.
Yours etc
Stuart Band

Even more confused!

When the new awards were announced for showdogs, i.e Sh CM, and the veteran award, how come people can start collecting points for the sh cm.ex this year but cannot claim award until next year? But the veteran award does not start until next year? 
Seems a bit of discrimination here, in my opinion. I know at least one person who has the required points for the sh CM.ex award, and good luck to them, no doubt there are lots more up and down the country too. I also know lots of veteran exhibitors who have, or almost have the required points for the veteran award, myself included, but we cannot start collecting points until next year, hardly seems fair. 
I did contact the Kennel club about this in case there may have been a misprint on the website, but no. When I asked why veterans have to wait until next year I got told "don't know, someone decided it".
I was intending to write to the Chairman to get clarification, but I think he has enough on his plate at the moment! 
Yours etc
Brenda Randle

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