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Issue: 22/06/2018

Explanation needed

Can someone please explain to me (and I am sure I am not the only one) how Southern Counties Show Society can charge 10.00 on the day (13.00 with entry apparently) for a 'spectator dog' when other Championship shows (apart from Windsor who are now charging 8.00 cash only!) charge 5.00 and more welcoming Open Show societies charge 1.00 for the same slip of paper?
 With the ever increasing entry and fuel costs this just smacks to me of another way of ripping off the already financially overburdend exhibitor who mainly regards dog shows as a hobby and a fun day out. 
It is very difficult when exhibitors can not leave unentered dogs at home alone and, for obvious reasons not leave them in vehicles on the show ground no matter what the weather, to have these greedy societies take full advantage of this problem, answers need not be on postcard but a full explanation would be appreciated!
Yours etc
Name and address supplied 

David Cavill Chairman, SCCA writes: 'Southern Counties show is hardly 'greedy'.  Entry fees have remained stable at 25 for three years and we do not charge for car parking or for anyone at all coming onto the showground.  
'The 13 referred to is for dogs 'not for competition' and this, of course, includes the cost of their bench. We do allow prepaid Spectator Dogs but at the lower fee.  The fee for Spectator Dogs was put in place several years ago and given that there are no costs for spectators coming to the show (as distinct from exhibitors) seems to be a reasonable fee.  
'Those extra dogs brought onto the showground by exhibitors with caravans are given special consideration, of course - they do not count as 'Spectator Dogs' as most will entered into the show on one of the days and even if not entered will be given passes if they were in the caravan park.  
'I can assure you the matter will be discussed by my committee. I would add that although we welcome spectators to Southern Counties our focus is on providing the best possible experience for exhibitors.  
'For the information of all exhibitors it may of interest to know that the Association has made an average profit over the last 10 years of .05%' 

You may also find our second Opinion column, entitled Charitable Donations, interesting. Ed

Do something!

Congratulations to Our Dogs on a great opinion column last week - how true all the goings on in the show world at the moment which are so far away from the camaraderie of the last 30 odd years when I first started showing.  
Something must be done about all the falling entries and it's not just the choice of judges, it's also the attitude of exhibitors, after all who wants to be around anyone shouting and screaming about the poor quality of the judging within earshot of the judge - not me for sure.  
The Kennel Club needs to do something positive about complaints and perhaps a couple of fines, or bans, would deter exhibitors from such behaviour.  
Must also mention the Friday Essay another wonderful piece of writing - so worth reading if you haven't done so already.  
Yours etc
Name and address supplied


I have followed the case of vet Daniel Doherty and feel compelled to respond to the letter Good Man Gone Bad published June 15th. 
Quite frankly, I find it completely bewildering that a vet can be described as "good" when he worked for financial gain with a criminal gang, legitimising the import of puppies from puppy farms that cruelly exploit dogs causing pain and suffering, as well as grief and expense to unsuspecting owners. Others have described him as 'highly skilled' - which makes his actions even more reprehensible - and suggests a level of arrogance as well as greed. 
Unlike your correspondent, I do not feel that to be seen as no longer good can be considered sufficient punishment for a vet  who was ethically and legally not good in the first place!
Your etc
Ms J Wenman 

Tell us all about it

I LOVED reading last week's cover story about Midland Counties and its amazing and significant contribution to the Dogs for Good charity.
I appreciate that some champ shows make more than others, depending on all sorts of things, such as demographics and distribution of CCs, but wouldn't it be lovely to see some others do the same, even if it were on a smaller scale?
Perhaps some do but we don't know about it, so I would most certainly like to hear about it.
Come on champ show societies, don't hide your lights under bushels, tell us all about it!
Yours etc
Bill Foran

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