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Issue: 02/03/2018

Well done Gove

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to your newspaper saying how pleased I was that shock collars had been banned in Scotland. 
Well, a little bird has told me that they are now going to banned throughout the United Kingdom.
This is wonderful news and if this is true no one will be able to sell these horrid devices in the UK.
Congrats to all the people that have campaigned so hard and for so long to bring about this ban. They don't often get a pat on the back but the Kennel Club should be congratulated. For at least 15 years they have backed a ban on shock collars.
Ross Thomson MP deserves a round of applause as well as he took up the cause in the House of Commons and seems to have produced a result in no time.
The Electric Collar Manufacturers Association are in retreat and sources tell me that more European countries will be following suit and bringing in a ban. Hopefully, one day no one will be able to use these devices.
It is nice that Michael Gove at Defra is listening to people and who knows we may also get a ban on third party puppy sales before long as well. Politicians are usually deaf to the people but they could not ignore the level of support that a ban had behind it.
This does not mean that we should stop the pressure. Until Mr Gove comes out and announces a ban I would encourage people to carry on writing to their MP and signing the petition -
This news has made my day, week and year!
Yours etc,
Delia Beck

Come on Crufts
I write regarding the forthcoming Crufts dog show and the likely coverage we will get on TV.  I live in Spain and in the past loved the coverage of the show but last year's show on C4 was quite frankly rubbish.
The poor coverage by C4 of Crufts stems from the fact that they spend too much time showing the presenter and her celebrities, in my view, making fools of themselves. This is not what Crufts is all about. 
Please, please let's see Crufts for what it is a fantastic show about (largely) pedigree dogs at their best! I am sure I am not on my own in thinking this way.
Yours etc,
Mr D. D. Sproson (Spain)

New allegiance

Delighted to see Geoffrey Davies' new column in your issue now.
As a regular reader now, I subscribed after the demise of Dog World last year, I have to say I felt some trepidation. I was used to Sheila Atter, Simon Parsons etc, and so felt I might miss them.
However, I was wrong. Having my old favourites Jane Lilley and Kevin Colwill on board is wonderful, and Geoffrey's knowledge is superb, a great replacement, in my eyes, for anything I might have missed from Simon's column.
I do have Facebook and internet access, but I simply cannot accept that this is better than settling down with my dog paper each week, it's too fast paced, it might be inaccurate in parts, you just never know. 
So keep it up, I wish I'd changed allegiance years ago!
Yours etc
Jean Camusi

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