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Issue: 30/03/2018

Thanks OUR DOGS!

A very genuine and huge heart felt thank you from the Hounds for Heroes team. 
Without doubt this Crufts was one of our most successful for the charity in raising awareness of our mission, and it is not lost on any of us that it was only possible through the sheer support you gave us all throughout Crufts. 
From the article in the OD Crufts magazine and visits by the photographic team throughout the four days we have felt supported, the message that the Our dogs family is sending out is that you care, and on behalf of the 900,000 injured, traumatised and disabled service personnel we salute you all.
Yours etc
Allen Parton, EJ and Rookie
Team Hounds

Great comfort

On behalf of Olive Jackson's sons, Bruce and Guy, and their families and myself I would like to thank the overwhelming number of people who sent cards, messages and flowers of condolence. They have been of great comfort and very gratefully received.
Yours etc
Mary Swash

Raw meat worry unfounded

In a recent letter in the Daily Mail, a reader had written that she had resigned from a Pets As Therapy organisation because the dog was fed raw meat!
In the whole of September last year, I was in hospital, and received visits from a PAT dog and his owner, these visits were absolutely wonderful. I would like to know how I could possibly have been at risk from stroking a dog fed on raw meat. It is so ludicrous you couldn't make it up!
Having looked on the Pets As Therapy website, there is a short article from the veterinary Record, entitled Zoonotic bacteria and Parasites found in raw meat based diets for dogs and cats, which states that a Dutch study concluded that raw meat fed to pets may be a possible source of bacterial infections in pet animals and, if transmitted to humans, could pose a risk. It does not say how these bacterial infections are transmitted. Surely it is common sense that they cannot be transmitted by stroking a dog fed on raw meat?
No such study has been carried out in the UK, and why the Pets As Therapy charity has acted on this seems a mystery. PAT Dogs exist only by the goodwill of pet owners, who are prepared to take their pets into a variety of establishments to help to make people happy. 
In this country we are being encouraged to eat fresh food and not processed, therefore people are not going to feed processed foods to their pets.
How very sad it is that people who are lovely may not be receiving a visit from a therapy dog in the future because of this.
Yours etc
M Symons

Well done Marc

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Marc Abraham and all the people that have got behind Lucy's Law.
Considering this campaign only started last December it is amazing that they have been able to launch a petition and get 100,000 signatures in less than two weeks. This means parliament will have to debate this issue.
It shows the support that this campaign has amongst the public and the government, if it has any sense, will make sure that a ban on third party sales becomes law as soon as possible.
The Great British public does not want one more dog to suffer the fate of that poor Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lucy and spend its days in a puppy farm used a breeding machine.
Future generations will look back to this time and be amazed that we were able to let this situation go on for so long. All because some vested interests were upset because by banning third party sales their multi-national companies might make a few less quid.
Mr Abraham has spearheaded the campaign but I am sure he will be the first to admit that Beverley Cuddy has made a vital contribution. She has tweeted and facebooked for her life to get the message of Lucy's Law out there and hopefully her hard work will be rewarded.
While the news agenda is dominated by Brexit the government is desperate to show the public they are doing something positive. This is why Micheal Gove is banning shock collars and has promised to bring in Lucy's Law.
It is nice to see a good news story for once and I look forward to the day when the last puppy is sold in a pet shop.
Yours etc
Lucinda Rice

Airline horror mustn't happen again

THE STORY in last week's issue about the Frenchie who sadly lost its life on a United Airlines flight really struck a chord with me.
I have personally witnessed this on a flight I took from the UK to Westminster, whereby a young dog was flown over shoved under a seat. Obviously this is not anywhere near as bad as putting it in the overhead locker, but it was more the way the owner was treated that worried me.
I know that dogs can travel as checked baggage, rather than as cargo (because then I believe you have to get animal shipping company and it becomes expensive).
 However, the time I witnessed it the staff were so rude and it was almost as if the owner was trying to smuggle the dog onto the plane. The seat next to the lady was empty throughout the whole flight, but they insisted she kept the dog pressed under the seat in case it 'upset other passengers'. It never made one bark or noise throughout the whole flight.
So whilst I was sad to read the story, I was not surprised. 
If you do find yourself in the same position, or if I ever do, I would leave the flight and cause a huge fuss about it, rather than comply and risk such a tragedy.
Your etc
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