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Issue: 27/07/2018

Come on Scotland!

Just a short note to say how happy I am that it looks like Wales are ready to embrace Lucy's Law.
I don't know what Scotland are messing about at but it looks like England and Wales are going to ban the third party sales of dogs.
Come on Scotland, what are you waiting for!
Lucinda Rice

No to BSL

How ridiculous that PETA want to ban Staffies. They are supposedly an organisation that support the welfare of animals and now they want to see more perfectly good, well-behaved dogs, put down.
Thankfully, the politicians said all the right things for once and made it clear there are no plan to ban Staffords but the fact they had to debate it is annoying.
Most people know that the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) is a stupid law which was put together in haste and it has not reduced the amount of dog bites in this country. It is a failed act that focuses on the wrong end of the lead.
If a dog is mistreated it can become aggressive no matter what the breed is and as Mr Parish said in the debate to see perfectly good pit bull dogs left on doggy death row because someone doesn't like the look of them is tragic.
Imagine if we applied that rule to people. "He looks like a wrong 'un. Lets lock him up!" You'd never hear the end of it.
The Ancient Greeks followed the rules of Physiognomy, that is judging a person, or animal, based on their looks but of course Leonardo Da Vinci, a notably clever chap, dismissed physiognomy as false, a chimera with 'no scientific foundation.' 
I was pleased to see in your issue last week that there was an Anti-BSL rally that took place in London last weekend. It is pleasing to see that people are willing to take to the streets to campaign on this issue. Breed-specific legislation does not work.
So "BOO!" to PETA and lets hope that one day we will have politicians brave enough to follow the Dutch and get rid of the DDA.
Sharon Hogg

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