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Issue: 29/09/2017

Thank you

Thank you to Our Dogs for allowing me to send my thanks for the cards flowers and messages I received following Roger's death, thank you to the friends who came to pay their respects at his funeral, donations totalling 600 pounds have been sent to The British Heart
Foundation, thank you so much for your love and support during the last few weeks. 
Yours etc
Elaine Crooks
Great piece on Doggie Hubbard

SUCH AN informative piece in My Book of Curs by Juliette Cunliffe, much enjoyed and appreciated, with lovely illustrations.
Clifford (Doggie) Hubbard remembered, a true character. Many of us of a certain age will have fond memories of visiting his stand at shows, a dog and a book lover's heaven.
In an ideal world Juliette says maybe a Doggie Hubbard protege might be out there somewhere, to carry on. I do hope so, though now in a social media led world are we being a tad optimistic?
A copy of The Afghan Hound (No 4, Dog Lovers Library) by Clifford L B Hubbard, the first book ever to be published on the Afghan Hound (1951), purchased by my father in August 1952, sits proudly on my bookshelf. The breed had been established in the UK for 30 years and the handbook sold for six shillings!
Perhaps the Editor could enlighten is with regards to Clifford Hubbard's book legacy. I had believed The National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth held the whole collection.
Yours etc
Lyn Grant-Thomas
You're quite right Lyn. Doggie's collection is indeed housed there,  over 10,000 of them! Ed

Swedish Vallhund tails

I have the greatest respect for Chris Millard but would point out that he has not read my article properly (Judging Tailed Vallhunds, OUR DOGS September 22) 
My point was that there is an anomaly in the standard, for it states clearly at one point that the tail should be 'set on as a continuation of the line of the croup' and just prior to that describes the croup as 'slightly sloping'. Both cannot be right, for the the tightly curled tail that we see on the Elkhound, Keeshond and Finnish Spitz (and beautifully and clearly demonstrated in his super photograph of the puppies in the water in his article) requires a flat croup or even a slight rise. 
I hope made it clear that the change I was suggesting should be addressed was not that which applies to the tail but that which applies to the croup. If the standard read 'Croup broad' and the 'slightly sloping' was omitted then that would allow any natural carriage of the tail. 
Like Chris, I have given tickets in the breed over many years and, since docking was banned, tails have generally been as in his last photograph: a natural result of a natural tail following the line of the croup. 
I would have thought that everyone would agree that we should be judging to the standard of any breed so I merely raised this issue as an example of the continuing confusion and misunderstanding which is embedded in some breed standards for as you can clearly see in his first photograph, there is no slope to the croup. 
I was using Swedish Vallhunds (a breed of which I am extremely fond, incidentally) to make the general point that standards should be as clear as possible and that breed clubs and the Breed Standards Committee should be prepared to look at them carefully and make amendments where required. 
I have made a similar point in other breeds over the years where, for instance, the the standard states that proportions of a breed should be 9:10 and and angulation should be 'moderate' but breeders, exhibitors and judges persist in awarding top honours to dogs which are 9:12 and have the angulation approaching that of some of the more extreme German Shepherds. In these cases I think those involved should be reading more closely to the breed standards: in Swedish Vallhunds (where I approve of the changes breeders are introducing) I think that it would help judges if the standard were slightly amended.
Yours etc
David Cavill FRSA

Venue partner sought

Mid Western Gundog Society is looking for a venue partner.
In today's financial climate, with the increased price of venues many clubs are finding it increasingly difficult to keep their heads above water and at the same time provide a well-run show that is value for money. 
At Mid-Western Gundog we want to provide a venue with sufficient space to move and show a dog to advantage. The Malvern showground is ideal, surrounded by the beautiful Malvern Hills, it is a venue exhibitors know and the car parking is good.
However better venues come at a price and many single breed clubs or sub groups simply cannot afford them. Therefore Mid-Western Gundog is offering to share its venue to cut the cost both to them and another club that would like to join with us. This, if it is a gundog breed, will also increase entries for both shows as it gives the exhibitor the choice of two judges for the cost of one day out. 
Next year our show is on Sunday 18th February 2018 and we will have three large rings available. Please contact Mrs Sandy Lane (acting Chairman) at or call on 01564 823838 if you are interested in discussing the possibility of a joint show further.
Yours etc
Mrs Sandra Lane

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