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Issue: 27/10/2017

Greenland Judge Story

Firstly, congratulations to everyone at OD involved in the fresh new look - bigger & better than ever!
 I write with reference to the story that appeared in the 20/10 issue of OD concerning the judge for Greenland Dogs stepping down from their 2018 Crufts appointment. The reason given in your story was that Mrs Pauline Luxmoore-Ball decided to stand down following a series of social media comments. 
I can confirm that Mrs Luxmoore-Ball is indeed on the Greenland Dog Club 'C' judges list, however I was surprised to read that the Crufts Chairman, Mr Gerald King, said that the Kennel Club did not have a list for the Greenland Dog when Mrs Luxmoore-Ball was appointed. The judges list does of course form a part of the KC annual return which the Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain submits in a timely manner each year, and the judges list can also be found as a hyperlink on the front page of the club's official website so it is very easy to find. If the judges list that I sent to the KC could not be located or if the Greenland Dog Club website could not for some reason be found, a quick phone call or email asking me for the list would have resolved this, my details are of course all in the red book! 
There have been numerous instances of the judge for Greenland Dogs at Crufts not appearing on the club's judges list and this has not been an issue in the past. Greenland Dog owners and exhibitors tend to be a laid back and easy going bunch so it's a shame that this issue has escalated in the manner that it has.
I have to say from a personal standpoint, what a nasty place social media seems to have become. I was an early adopter of Facebook back in 2006, soon after it was launched and I used to enjoy seeing what people were having for their lunch, where they were holidaying and keeping up the with friends abroad who I rarely got to see but I am happy to have now left it behind.
 Yours etc
Stuart Winterton (Honourable secretary - The Greenland Dog Club of Great Britain)

do good 

Celebrities can often, quite rightly, get quite a bad press. But sometimes there are those who have reached some notoriety and use it to make something positive happen.
I read your article about the efforts that Ricky Gervais, Chris Packham, Peter Egan and others are making to to tackle the mass breeding of Beagles in Yorkshire.
Now I know the vivisection debate is a controversial one but wherever you stand on the argument you will have to admit that these celebs are doing this because they really care about dogs. They are not doing it to further their career but out of a genuine desire to improve animal welfare.
Yours etc,
Lucy Shaw

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