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Issue: 26/01/2018

Well done RCVS

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) is to be applauded for its stance against homeopathy (Jan 19th), the absurdity of which I tried to explain in correspondence to these columns a few months ago.
The RCVS rightly states 'Homeopathy exists without a recognised body of evidence for its use', i.e. where are the scientific papers in respected peer-reviewed journals demonstrating its efficacy? As far as I can see such papers are conspicuous by their absence!
Despite the claims of the British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons, I can see no evidence for the RCVS aiming for a total ban on homeopathic treatments. No one would waste their time trying to stop those who are so misguided to use them as long as they do not harm the animals receiving them. But can someone please enlighten me - who from their money are easy parted?
Yours etc 
Archie Bryden

Well done on 'Ras' celebration

Your features editor Mrs Helen Davenport-Willis did well to enlist the support of Alison Skipper MRCVS writing about the life of Mr Bill Rasbridge in your recent Irish Setter feature. What a shame it was not better supported by breeders and exhibitors with advertising.
I was pleased to count Bill as one of my friends towards the end of his life. He truly was a powerful intellect and one who shared his knowledge freely. He was also a great supporter of OUR DOGS for over fifty years. Your correspondents have rightly credited him with the diligent testing and eradication of PRA in Irish Setters but to do this he needed a public platform and it was this and the support it gave him that was the basis of his long association with the paper. This eventually spanned the reign of four editors during his long life. 
His financial expertise was also a great asset to the Kennel Club and he was instrumental in, and party to, many of its successful investment projects over the years. It was no surprise that he served on various KC committees.
To mark his ninetieth birthday in 1991 I sent him a bottle of his favourite single malt. In true 'Ras' style a hand written letter arrived promptly thanking me. In a droll postscript he concluded, 'All I now wish for is the desire to enjoy it'!
As the Kennel Club embarks on the its exhibition of influential women who have left their mark of the world of dogs surely the likes of 'Ras' and those men of vision like him should also be celebrated. 
Your etc
Bill Moores 

Import disappointment

I would like to bring to your attention our disappointment in our experience at the Manchester dog show 2018.
As per the judging order in the catalogue, AV Import Register Working were due in the ring after AVNSC Working.  It had been a long day and the calls were being made for the Groups. As we were scheduled after AVNSC Working our winner would have still been able to make the Group judging.  However after judging of the AVNSC working, AVNSC Pastoral was called in to the ring.  I questioned with the stewards why the order had changed and was told it was because of the Award Board. 
This error in judgement of organisation meant that by the time we were called into the ring for our initial judging, both the Adult and Puppy Group stage had been completed.  
As you can imagine, given that this year a change in KC ruling means that the IR breeds can now compete for the first time, we are all very keen for our dogs to have the opportunity to progress. This can be seen by our breed's entries  over the years (Manchester 2015 - 0 Entlebuher, 2016 - 0 Entlebucher, 2017 - 2 Entlebucher, 2018 - 7 Entlebucher). It was and is a huge disappointment. 
For the winner of Best Working IR, it was their first big win and the thrill of the win was followed by bitter disappointment, as one can imagine.  My own puppy missed out too, which will have been her last chance at a puppy group, given her age.
While we cannot change the past, I would urge that in the future judging orders are looked at, and adhered to.  I cannot understand why it was changed!
We would welcome your comments.
Yours etc 
Ms Robyn Burnett
(Secretary Entlebucher Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain)

Committee help needed

GOODBYE 2017! Hello 2018!                 and all the happy show days it could bring.
We, and the Officers and Committee of the Newton Aycliffe and District Canine Society thank you for all the support you gave us for our 55th Anniversary year Shows. We see from your most kind comments that you all enjoyed the strong classification, and some top breed club listed judges for breeds, Groups and Best in Show.
 Added to this were the more than usual Special prizes, Prize Money in keeping with the 55 years, the AV prize money and specials were 55. In addition, designer rosettes and prize cards and the Reserve Best of Breed Competition.  We understand that some lucky exhibitors managed to accrue prize money from their successes in 2017 of over 100 with many more smaller amounts.
Now starting out on our 56th year we are sadly losing some of our stalwart Committee supporters, two of whom have been members of the Society for 25 years but now feel it is time to retire to make room for some of the up-and-coming ideas of the younger generation.
Consequently, there are vacancies for Secretary, two or three full Committee places, plus helpers who may feel able to help on certain occasions. Without these we feel that we would not be able to provide the usual standard of excellence as shown by the awards from the Kennel Club five Certificates Of Excellence earned by the Society in the past five years since our 50th anniversary year.
Our north-east area cannot bear to lose any more shows.
Are YOU interested in helping the Newton Aycliffe and District Canine Society to organise it's two Open Shows at Temple Park, South Shields?  Please contact the President Mrs Freda Marshall in the first instance to register your interest preferably by email:
Remember our Newton Aycliffe township motto:  not the least but the greatest we seek!
Yours etc
Freda Marshall

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