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Issue: 27/04/2018

Re: Kim Lathaen Column

I am writing to you on the behalf of the committee of the Jack Russell Terrier Club regarding an article that was published in this week's edition of Our Dogs.
This article appeared in The Kim Lathaen Column regarding the recognition of a new Jack Russell Terrier Club which would be able to assist people in the registration of British bred Jack Russell Terriers.
The article insinuated that British Jack Russell Terriers had not previously been able to be registered with the Kennel Club when this is not the case. The register was opened to Jacks who were currently on any UK based Jack Russell Terrier club registry and they can also be registered through the Unverified Dog Scheme since 2015 and the breed was officially recognised on the 1st April 2016.
British Jack Russells appeared at National Terrier 2016, alongside the FCI registered Russells when the dogs were first eligible to be shown and have regularly been seen in the show ring all over the country ever since.
Bizarrely the same writer reported in her column on the 10th March regarding a British Jack Russell Terrier competing at Crufts for the second year in a row.
A Miss Goldworthy had reported to Ms Lathaen that she would at last be able to show her British JRT alongside the FCI exhibits, when this lady had in fact already competed at Leeds Championship Show in 2016 and appeared in the ring at Crufts in 2017, and she had previously registered some of her Terriers with the Kennel Club.
We have contacted the Kennel Club regarding this new club and they are looking into this matter.
We wonder if Ms Lathaen has any knowledge of the history of the FCI type of JRT, they did indeed come from British stock and were developed very cleverly by the Australians since the 1960s and they have been registered elsewhere in the world since 1991, so they are not really a "new breed" as she reports. Breed type is more consistent than the specimens of JRT we currently see in the UK. So, for the reporter to call our dogs not Jack Russell Terriers very insulting.
We found this article to be very misleading, insulting and bizarre. We feel that reporters on your paper should make sure they get their facts straight before publishing. This is not the first time that Our Dogs has misreported on The Jack Russell Terrier and we are all very unhappy about this situation.
I look forward to hearing from you regarding this matter
Yours etc
Lesley Roberts Hon Sec

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