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Issue: 19/10/2018

Rotting apples!

Every week we read about another rotting apple. I do not want to be funny, but the KC seems to go from bad to worse.  The three people involved in the SGM request resigned. It's a situation that seems to have brought the Kennel Club into disrepute worldwide. A respected Kennel Club's name dragged through the mud.
Then the next lot, A2 list assessor rules change and nobody informed or asked about it.
Flyball in a mess.
Notices seemingly issued from who ever wants to issue one, not through official channels.
I just wonder what they will think of next to change and make things worse!
I am just wondering if they are really trying to run the place into the ground? I have no idea how we are going to get the reputation back with things going the way it is now. What is next?
Another question, why are so many overseas people becoming members of the UK Kennel Club? So that they can vote their friends in and give them judging appointment overseas? In my opinion they should all be UK residents. I cannot see why someone from outside the UK should have a say in what happens here. Except that these overseas members might not be so proud of wearing the badge now!
Perhaps the idea of going FCI is not the worst idea ever!
Yours etc
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Kennel Club
National Press coverage - again!

My Sunday breakfast was interrupted for the second time in a fortnight when I opened my morning newspaper to read the headline, 'DOG SHOW SHOWDOWN'.
Glancing at the story I saw that a Kennel Club Board Member has been accused of 'allegedly roughing up an elderly judge at a dog show.' According to the article, this witnessed attack is now in the hands of the Police, and as it is sub judice I will not mention the accused by name.
What does concern me is that, yet again, a board member has allegedly brought the Kennel Club into disrepute. How can this be when The Kennel Club's own code states the behaviour expected of Kennel Club members?
I quote:
 'a Kennel Club member is expected:
To act with integrity at all times when engaged in canine activities;'
The full listings of expected behaviour can be viewed in full on the Kennel Club website.
It is true that nowhere on the Kennel Club website does it say a board member may not engage in a punch up at a dog show, but surely, this witnessed assault does nothing for the reputation of our esteemed organisation.
The code continues:
 'A Kennel Club member will understand that if he/she does not follow these principles and falls short of the expectations and responsibilities in being a Kennel Club member, the Kennel Club may be obliged to implement and enforce the code with sanctions under the Kennel Club Rules and Regulations - including the possibility of removal from membership.'
I am sure that the Kennel Club Disciplinary Committee will be dealing with the matter in question, under Rule A11 (A).1, but one asks oneself would this type of behaviour be tolerated if it were exhibited by stakeholders not board members? I don't think it would. So is it right that an accused board member should continue in his position after such an accusation?
May we - as Kennel Club stakeholders - expect any resignations from the membership and the board in the near future?
I won't hold my breath.
Yours etc
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