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(Updated 2/5/01)

DogAID welcomes Turid!

There cannot be many people within the dog community today who, by now, have not heard of Turid Rugaas. This remarkable lady, from Oslo, Norway, has made intensive studies of dog communication, or “Calming Signals” as she calls them, and now regularly holds workshops in many countries around the world.

An Assistance Dog retrieving the morning post...

She has identified many signals that dogs use to indicate to other dogs and people when they are feeling worried about something, and even use them to help “calm” other dogs that they themselves sense are worried or feel threatened, thus helping avoid confrontation. Turid has also studied stress and its effects on our dogs, and her workshops help people learn to recognise these signals in their own dogs, and how reducing stress levels can help solve many problems.

Dog AID (Assistance In Disability), who specialise in helping people with physical disabilities to train their own pet dogs to become obedient companions and to work as Assistance Dogs, are delighted to welcome Turid onto their advisory panel. The panel already includes the impressive talents of John Rogerson, Dolores Palmer, Julie Sellors, Gwen Bailey, Roy Hunter, Erica Peachey and John Baxter. Turid’s unique insight into dog communication and behaviour is a welcome addition to our panel.

... and the week’s washing!

Turid is on U.K. tour this year, appearing at Suffolk on May 5th-6th; York on May 12-13th; Inverness from August 13-17th; Surrey on October 13th-14th, and at Staffordshire on October 20th-21st.

Details for these courses can be obtained from Sheila Harper, Scallywags Canine Education Centre on 01889 802685.
For further information about Dog AID, please contact Joy Harrison on 024 7626 0584 or e-mail: