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(Updated 2/5/01)

New insurance benfits for KC registered dogs and their owners

The Kennel Club Healthcare Plan has been administered by Kennel Club Services Limited since October 2000 and much interest has been received for the new policy which does not penalise by breed or location and has a fixed premium. With this in mind, Kennel Club Services Limited has negotiated additional insurance benefits for ALL new puppy owners. A number of changes to Registration documentation have also been implemented.

FREE Comprehensive Six Weeks Puppy Cover will now be awarded to EVERY puppy over the age of eight weeks that is transferred to a new owner from the breeder. The Kennel Club will no longer be issuing any Cover Notes, therefore the Breeder will no longer need to make a telephone call in order to activate this cover. As of the 1st May 2001, six weeks free cover will be automatically generated to those owner’s who are registering their Transfer of Ownership with The Kennel Club, having purchased the puppy directly from the breeder.

There is also a new Healthcare Declaration that the breeder must sign to validate cover, that indicates the puppy sold is in good health. Responsible breeders can therefore rest assured that their puppies will then be insured by a comprehensive policy during the first important weeks in a new home.

A new Form 1 - included in issues of Our Dogs this week and available to download from The Kennel Club web site ( - has been re-designed in a new user friendly portrait format. The form details all the changes made to the Healthcare Plan (Free Six Week Puppy Cover) and includes important information relating to The Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999.

With the new inclusive Healthcare benefits, The Kennel Club Registration Certificates have been amended:

* The Breeder Certificate now includes a Healthcare Declaration which breeders are requested to sign;
* All Certificates include additional information on the new Healthcare Plan;
* Registration Certificate section has remained the same;
* New certificate design, but the colours remain the same.
The Kennel Club Healthcare Plan provides the following benefits:
* Fixed annual premium of £151.90 or £13.95 per month;
* No surcharge for breed;
* No surcharge for where you live;
* Fixed Excess;
* 10 day money back guarantee;
* £5,000 cover for veterinary fees; and much, much more.

Contact the Healthcare Plan Team on 01296 390617 for further information.

Kennel Club customers are advised to contact the Communication and Customer Services department if they have any queries on Registration changes. Staff will be pleased to assist and advise on Tel: 0870 6066750. Information is also available on The Kennel Club web site -