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(Updated 11/4/01)

City of Birmingham offers concessions to traders

AT ITS Annual General Meeting held on 29th March 2001, the City of Birmingham re-elected the existing committee plus two new members (i.e.) Mr David Bell - Irish Setters and Mr David Wallhead - Japanese Chins.

All the existing Officers were also re-appointed with the "City Team" being led by the President Rev. Gwyn Davies. However, with the death of Vice-Chairman Ron Clay during 2000 the meeting decided to leave the position in abeyance for the time being.

In agreeing arrangements for the 2001 show the Committee decided to add breed veteran classes to the classifications for all the scheduled breeds - those with Challenge Certificates and those without. The veterans would be the first class judged in each breed prior to the Minor Puppy and/or Puppy classes.

The Committee also discussed at length the plight of the trade stands and in the exceptional circumstances of 2001, with so many shows being cancelled, decided that it would as a gesture of good will to the standholders introduce a special one-off payment system.

Firstly all tradestand rental charges would be maintained at last year's rate. Secondly those tradestands invited to attend the show would when booking their space be asked to submit a non-returnable deposit of 100 which would guarantee them a site. The remainder of the tradestand rental would then be collected by the Treasurer and the Trade Stand Manager on the morning of the second day o the show - by which time it was hoped that traders would have accumulated the necessary balance.

Keith A W Young