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(Updated 10/4/01)

Manchester Dog's Home Walk postponed

MANCHESTER DOGS’ Home has postponed its Annual Sponsored Dog Walk to September 16, owing to the present foot and mouth epidemic.

The Dog Walk is the Home’s number one fundraising event of the year, but this year has received very few applications. Officials at the Home feel this may be due to the foot and mouth crisis. Further confusion has been caused by the fact that Heaton Park, the traditional venue for the Walk, has closed its Farm Centre.

Manchester Dogs’ Home hopes that by September 16, the foot and mouth crisis will be settled and appeals to all dog walkers to get involved and help raise money for the new Lost Dogs’ Hospital. The Home needs to raise £750,000 to build a new lost dogs’ Hospital and extra kennel accommodation.

Please call 0161-205 7136 for an application form.