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(Updated 10/4/01)

Pedigree Agility Stakes:
Olympia International Horse Show Semi-Finals

The first six heats of the Pedigree Agility Stakes culminate in semi finals at the Royal Show during the first week of July. Due to the foot and mouth outbreak, the future of the show this year has been constantly reviewed and although the Royal Agricultural Society have had various options including moving the date of the show to later in the year and continuing the show on its original date without cloven footed animals, it has been decided that the 2001 Royal Show will be cancelled.

It was felt by the committee of the Royal Show that it would not be practical to re-schedule the show to a later date and unlike some other events which have decided to continue with their shows but without cloven footed animals, in the case of the Royal Show and its close association with the farming community, this would not have been possible.

The Town and Country Festival on 25th - 27th August 2001 will now be the qualifying date for all 30 Olympia finalists. All heats held before this date will now qualify for this event. Further details about this will be released when the situation becomes clearer regarding which of our qualifying heats are actually running.

Dave Ray
Pedigree Agility Consultant