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(Updated 22/4/01)

Obituaries - Miss Ann Cottrell

Miss Ann Cottrell

The death of Ann Cottrell on Thursday 12th April came as a bitter blow to all her friends. Following in the footsteps of her mother, the late Mrs Joan Cottrell, Ann had continued to keep the Quatt French Bulldogs to the fore world-wide, and carried on not only the successful line, but continued to steer the Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog club in the direction aimed at by her mother when she formed the club in l958.

The Quatt French Bulldogs started in l946, following an accidental meeting, when Joan almost literally bumped into Mrs Joyce Hargreaves and Mrs Nutting (Olveston) picnicking in one of her gateways of her Lodge Farm, at Quatt near Bridgenorth. Both ladies were accompanied, as usual, by their Frenchies and for Joan it was love at first sight. Ann was, at this time, just 16 years old, and for her too a lifetime devoted to Frenchies started.

They moved to The Chestnuts around l960, and from there flowed a long line of Quatt champions - Claudius of Q., Q.Tiger Tim, Tassoula of Q. Q.Sno’etta, Buttonoak Lookout of Q., Snowboy of Q., Tiger Miss of Q., Sno’miss of Q., Snowmai of Q., Maria Snow of Q., Snowman of Q., Q.Popinjay, and Q.Heirenas Bambi. Q.Snoanna, Q.Snow Clown, Q.Honey Dew, Q.Snowdice, Jayne of Q., Q. Heidi, Lingfield Sally May of Q., Q.Merry Badger, Annavi Liza of Q., Q.Snow Jaymes, Q.Be Merry, Q. Scoop of Hifo, Q.Honey Sunshine, Q.Sarla of Vandamere, Q.Paddington of Ferrryland, and perhaps the best known of all, for so many years the breed record holder, Ch.Honey King of Quatt (still the winner of most CCs for a fawn) There were many more overseas champions, and others who won one or two CCs. To the best of my knowledge Quatt is the only kennel to have bred champions in all three colours. She awarded CCs in Frenchies, and has judged both club championship shows. She judged the breed at Crufts in 1979. She made up an English Toy Terrier, and awarded CCs in that breed too.

In l958 Joan Cottrell called a meeting of breed enthusiasts, and formed The Midland & Northern Counties French Bulldog Club; Joan becoming the Secretary and Ann Treasurer. When Joan died in 1979 Ann became Secretary, a position she has held ever since, always working so very hard for the benefit of the club and its members.

For some years she was breed correspondent to Our Dogs as was Joan before her. Life was not easy for Ann after her mother’s death. She lived alone, kept a large number of Frenchies, also Griffons, and E.T.Ts, working hard always with her dogs, and a small grooming business. She was one of the kindest of people, always the first with help where help was needed.… She had been ill for some time, and recently cut down on the number of dogs she kept. She died peacefully at home, surrounded by the Frenchies she loved. For a great number of us in the breed Ann and the Quatts have always been there; so many friends will miss her.

The funeral arrangements are to be announced later.

Maureen Bootle