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(Updated 22/4/01)

Foot and Mouth Shows update

byNick Mays

AS THE foot and mouth outbreak shows some signs of abating and arguments continue between the Government, MAFF and farmers as to whether or not healthy animals should be culled or vaccinated, we are pleased to report that many canine show societies are pressing ahead with their plans to stage shows.

Following the success of the Birmingham National Championship Show at the NEC last weekend, many dog exhibitors are now voicing their disquiet at shows needing to be postponed, whilst other events, such as craft fairs and motor shows go ahead at the same venues, apparently unaffected.

Last weekend, OUR DOGS editor Bill Moores attended an event at Bingley Hall Showground, Staffordshire. He was surprised to see that a lay-by close to the hall grounds was packed full of cars containing dogs, many of them secured in crates. Mr Moores did not have his own dog with him, but enquired at the hall entrance as to why cars with dogs were being parked outside of the grounds. An official on the door replied that this was on the instructions of the hall authorities who, in turn, were acting under en edict from East Staffordshire County Council. Mr Moores was told that if he had brought his dog with him, even in a crate safely inside the car, he would not have been admitted to the showground.

Nobody was available for comment at Bingley Hall or East Staffordshire County Council earlier this week, but OUR DOGS will be pursuing the matter, and would be interested to hear from other readers who have experienced similar dog bans.

Meanwhile, enquiries to showground authorities around the country regarding forthcoming dog shows has revealed that most authorities are planning to allow these events to proceed unless there is a significant FMD outbreak in the immediate area.

Readers are advised to contact the relevant show secretaries for up to date information regarding the staging of shows.