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(Updated 22/4/01)

Obituaries - Mrs Tilly Jackson

Mrs Tilly Jackson

I MET Tilly very early in my Pekingese career in the 1970’s. Always very encouraging and helpful to anyone new in the breed she adored, over the years she taught me so much about the breed, and show management.

During this time our relationship developed and we became very close friends indeed. Her life was long, exciting and interesting as prior to marriage in the 1930’s she was an actress and Tiller girl. During this time dogs of various breeds were part of many actresses’ lives, Pekingese being Tilly’s chosen breed.

Her husband, Peter, was a musician and Tilly travelled with him, her own career now decreasing. Pekingese remained very prominent and during the war years she was most instrumental in keeping a nucleus of the breed going. Feeding was obviously a large problem, bartering was the main way of obtaining food for the dogs. After the war when breeding could re-commence puppies were bred using the affix ‘Toneland’. The Misses Penton-Cross bought numerous puppies from Tilly, many becoming champions but unfortunately did not carry the Toneland affix.
Later Tilly immersed herself in breeding, judging and organisation. Unfortunately never afforded the honour of judging Crufts, she became a member of the Kennel Club 1979, only resigning this year, and attempted Crufts dog show on 60 occasions.

A few years ago Tilly was honoured by Cilla Black on ‘Surprise Surprise’ for her efforts with the breed during the war.

A recent Crufts was a memorable one for Tilly when the breed judge was Mrs Lillian Snook a very old friend; also she was interviewed on the KC video that is made.

Since Christmas Tilly had been failing and it has been my pleasure to be able to spend so much time nursing her at home. Her objective to reach 100 years was not achieved unfortunately and neither the renewed goalpost to register her postal vote for parliament.

I love and miss you so much Tilly, if I could have chosen a mother it would have been you. God Bless.

Rita Morgan