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(Updated 3/8/01)

LKA holds fees for 2001

THE LADIES Kennel Association committee has announced that there will be no increase in any charges for its championship show on December 7 and 8.

In her report to the AGM, chairman Ferelith Somerfield said that, despite the loss of £700 on the 2000 show, the committee felt that so many societies, exhibitors and tradestand people had been severely affected by the foot and mouth outbreak that they wished to do something to show their support. With increases in all expenses for this year’s event it will mean a budgeted loss.

There were no new nominations for the committee so there was no ballot and the retiring members were all returned. They are: Mrs A P Bliss, Mrs N Down, Mrs S Hopgood, Mrs M Jarosz, Mrs J Moody and Mrs A L Wynyard.
Members present at the AGM, which had been delayed until July because of a threatened tube strike on the previous June date, unanimously re-elected Mrs Nora Down as president; Miss Joan Gill, Mrs Peggy Davies and Mrs Madeleine Pickup as vice-presidents; and Mr Lewis Collins, CA as treasurer.

At the committee meeting preceding the AGM Mrs Somerfield was re-elected chairman, Mrs Ann Wynyard vice-chairman and Miss Sybil Churchill as secretary.

This year Toy, Utility, Working and Pastoral breeds will be scheduled on the first day, Dec 7, with terrier, gundog and hound breeds on the second. The CC breeds remained unchanged from 2000, but there are some changes among the non-CC breeds. Large Munsterlanders, Shiba Inus and Anatolian Shepherds have not justified their classification recently so have been dropped and Leonbergers, Australian Shepherds and Hamiltonstovare added. Alaskan Malamutes, Shar-Pei and Lancashire Heelers keep their classification without CCs.