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(Updated 13/8/01)

Crufts Admission prices are to rise

ADMISSION PRICES to Crufts show in 2002 will rise by an average of 27% based on calculations against Thurday and Friday prices this year, writes Bernie Lovitt.

The Kennel Club has abandoned the two stage pricing policy which loaded the weekend admission prices.

The changes have been announced to Kennel Club members in a notice sent out for them to book advance tickets.
Daily tickets are to rise by up to 13% from £8.50 and £9.50 this year to £11.50 in 2002. Child admission tickets and those for senior citizens are up as much as 27% to £7.50 from £5.50and £6.50.

The adult four day admission ticket will go up 25% to £40 in 2002.

The largest increase is reserved for the daily family ticket (2+2) which will go up to £40 from £17.50 and £20 this year..

Group prices (over 10) have gone up by up to 28% to a block price of £11 each for adults and £7 for children and concessions from £8/£9 and £5/£6 this year.

Best in show tickets for the evening of the fourth and final day remain the same price, £12, whilst the main ring ticket for the obedience championships will be the same price at £5.

In 2000 the show had gate receipts of £584,534 when the crowds exceeded 118,000 over the four days of the show.

This year’s gate was down by over 25% after the change of date and cancellation because the Foot & Mouth Disease outbreak was at its height in the spring.