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(Updated 13/8/01)

Crufts support and the Iams company

The Crufts Committee has given in depth consideration to the situation regarding research carried out by various pet food companies including Iams.

Two years ago, Iams made the decision not to start any further studies which required the euthanasia of cats and dogs and has confirmed to Crufts that it has a clean global policy for the future.

‘The Iams Company is committed to improving the health and well-being of cats and dogs through the development of superior nutrition. The Iams Company will not participate in any study requiring the euthanasia of cats or dogs, nor will we conduct the veterinary equivalent of any tests on cats or dogs which are not acceptable in nutritional or medical studies in people’.

It has also been confirmed that all research carried out under Iams’ previous research policy has been completed, although the results of some of this work may not yet have been published.

The Kennel Club and Crufts are therefore satisfied that Iams has an acceptable policy relating to the involvement of dogs in pet food research and as a result Iams will continue as one of the Supporters of Crufts Dog Show.