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(Updated 13/8/01)

EGM examines 'unidentifiable expenditure'

THE INTERNATIONAL Gundog League (Retriever Society) which was founded in 1904, held an Extraordinary General Meeting in London last Wednesday to discuss ‘unidentifiable expenditure’ which has left the society’s coffers deficient to the tune of £8,720.

The retriever breeds society an umbrella organisation formed to promote field trials for working gundogs has written to all member gundog breed clubs and societies to check if affiliation fees had been paid as their had been some ‘irregularities’.

On July 14th. it also wrote members sending out re-audited draft accounts along with the agenda of the EGM which is to seek four rule changes including one which will necessitate the use of two signatures on cheques - that of the President, Treasurer or Secretary. The meeting also heard that the financial year should run from January to December

OUR DOGS understands that the loss of the missing thousands has only recently come to light, which has naturally prompted calls of concern from ILG members.

Earlier this week, a spokesperson for the ILG told OUR DOGS: “At the AGM in June a new Secretary, Treasurer and Chairman were appointed following the retirement of the previous officers.

“The accounts were unable to be passed at that meeting, due to many inaccuracies. “Arrangements have been made to provide the club with additional funds to carry out all its engagements and a report will be given to members at the EGM in early August.”