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(Updated 15/8/01)

'Perfect Pets' on display

The pets on display at a Bath based gallery don’t bark, or scratch. They may look a little quizzically out at you from their frames, but they’re the model of polite behaviour. Contemporary art gallery Six Chapel Row has brought together a wonderfully whacky collection of animal prints, drawings, collages, sculpture and ceramics under the title ‘Perfect Pets’.

The works on show include David Mayne’s magnificent rusted steel dog (pictured above) - whose £1,480 price tag was not enough to deter the keen admirer who’s already snapped him up.

Then there are Andy Larkin’s funky collages. The Bristol-based illustrator, who recently graduated from Bath University, shows a dog in various stages of rebellion - first tearing down curtains, then ripping up an ironing board and finally escaping free, strewn with daisies and wild, hippy-like locks.

Humour features in the work by another Bristol-based contributor, Beth Carter. Her bronze man/animal sculptures also have an air of pathos about them.

For those who yearn for a pet portrait of their own but can’t afford to pay £200 or £300, then head for Six Chapel Row on Saturday August 11, when Bath photographer James Davies visits the gallery to raise money for an animal charity.

Bring your dog, (or cat, frog, rabbit or even teddy bear) and a ten by eight inch colour print of the two of you will cost £10 - £5 of which goes to Claverton Down Dogs’ and Cats’ Home. To book a place telephone 01225 337900
‘Perfect Pets’ runs at Six Chapel Row until August 13th, 2001.