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(Updated 19/8/01)

Celebrity 'Give a pet a home day'

MANY CELEBRITIES came to the aid of some of the longer term animal residents at the National Animal Welfare Trust at Watford this week in a special open day.

The trust operates a strict non-destruction policy of any healthy animal which means that there are some animals that perhaps have ‘little problems’ that tend to be overlooked by the general public when choosing to give a pet a home.

These pets can sometimes spend more time in the care of the trust than a fluffy kitten or playful puppy, and this is where the celebrities have come to the rescue.

The well-known faces were at the Watford site to put before the cameras the pet they think deserves to be found a home. The list of celebrities included:- Richard Briers, Peter Egan, John Bird, Colin Baker, Claire Skinner, Nicholas Ball, Alexandra Bastedo, Lorraine Chase, Anthony Valentine, Tracey Childs and Babs Powell.

After a press call, the rest of the day was covered by the local cable TV company who will be using all the individual celebrities to film ‘adverts’ to run over a two week period to hopefully find the long-term residents a new home.