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(Updated 19/8/01)

Congratulations Margaret!

Most of you will remember, at Crufts this year, Margaret Everton judging the Working group (to which she awarded the Siberian Husky).

This will have stood her in pretty good stead for her most recent appointment as Chairman of the KC Judges sub-commitee at the end of last month. When Our Dogs spoke to Margaret she said she was very honoured to be elected, particularly as it is such as hardworking commitee and with members of such high calibre. She follows in the footsteps of Terry Thorn who did not seek re-election. She is more than qualified for the job, as Our Dogs can reveal below!

When it comes to the Kennel Club, Margaret is no stranger, she has already served on the Judges sub committee and previous to that on the general commitee. Her KC career started first of all though, in 1981 when she joined the Show Executive Sub-Commitee where she stayed until 1995.

Since 1990 Margaret has been Secretary of Midland Counties, a show which she appears to be pretty fond of, having started life there as assistant secretary, in around 1968, and then as chairman. She has of course had other secretarial appointments as well as being a part of other show commitees. In fact both Birmingham shows were lucky to have Margaret serve not only on the commitee but also as assistant secretary.

Her famous Impton affix associated with her Great Danes was host to nine Champions in four different colours. A number of her Danes were of Scandanavian heritage, one going on to win Best in Show, a feat for any kennel. Margaret is now passed to award CC’c in 33 breeds and awarded her first CC’s in 1975, she also judges both Working & Pastoral Groups and of course BIS.