(Updated 24/8/01)

Championship Show Update

City of Birmingham Ch Show order of judging

MR DAVID Wallhead has joined the City of Birmingham Championship Show Committee and attended his first meeting on August 7, when he received his badge of office from the President, Rev Gwyn Davies.

The main purpose of the meeting was to receive details of the overall entry for the 2001 event to be held at Perry Park, Birmingham, on August 31 to September 2.

Despite having further reduced the number of non-CC breeds at this years show the Committee were delighted to note that the 2001 event had attracted an increase of 303 dogs to a grand total of 10,824.

Top entry is Golden Retrievers with 301 dogs, but CKCS (282), Great Danes (201), Border Collies (208), Staffordshire Bull Terriers (215), Irish Setters (214) and Labrador Retrievers (208) have all attracted over 200 dogs. The largest day is Gundog and Utility with 4,501 dogs.

JUDGING TIMES: Passes will be sent out to all exhibitors by August 24 and exhibitors are reminded that the starting times for their breed will be marked on the leaflet that will be enclosed with every pass. Judging will not start before 10.30am on the Friday - with the exception of CKCS and Whippets who will start at 10am. The Committee hope that these arrangements will help the majority of exhibitors to avoid the workday morning traffic congestion which is especially heavy between 7.30am and 9am.

TRAVELLING AND ROADWORKS: If you anticipate arriving during the rush hour period you are advised to allow at least ONE HOUR to travel the 3 miles between junction 7 of the M6 motorway and the showground. Furthermore major road works are in progress between Junction 6 & 7 of the M6 motorway - so please allow additional time if you are coming from the south on the M6.

SHOW OPENING TIMES: The show opens each day at 8am and dogs will be received at any time from 8am until 12 noon. But it is the exhibitors responsibility to ensure that exhibits are available for judging when required. Exhibits may be removed from the showground after their judging has been completed up please remember to have your removal passes available for inspection upon leaving the showground with your dogs.

All exhibitors are asked to study the plan of the showground, which is part of the probable order of judging leaflet included with all passes.

Upon arrival at the showground exhibitors should make themselves aware of the position of the St John’s Ambulance/First Aid tent, together with the Vets caravan and the Secretary’s office.

BENCHING & TENTING: Wherever possible breeds will be benched behind the ring in which they are to be judged. However, because of the size and distribution of the entry, there are some breeds that could not be accommodated in this fashion. On the Saturday St Bernards (Ring 15), Smooth Collies (Ring 16), Rough Collies (Ring 16), and Old English Sheepdogs (Ring 16) and Border Terriers (Ring 28) have all had to be benched in Tent ‘C’. The Committee hope that these necessary changed arrangements do not cause too much inconvenience to the exhibitors.

TELEPHONES: Because of the growth of mobile telephones there will not be any public phones on the showground, however, any exhibitor wishing to make an urgent telephone call should come to the Secretary’s office.

TENT FOR UNENTERED DOGS: The Society will provide a tent for unentered dogs which will be sited at the entrance from the main exhibitors car park. The facility will as usual be manned by Mrs Romano and the A1 Petline Charity supporters. The tent will be available between the hours of 8.30am and 5.30pm on all three days of the show. The charges for this excellent service are a minimum of £2.50 for the first four hours and a minimum of £5 for the day. Persons are strongly urged to use the tent as dogs must not be left in vehicles.

CAR PARKING: A feature of the City Show is the free car parking but please ensure that your car park labels are prominently displayed in the centre of your windscreen before arriving at the showground. By doing so you will greatly assist both the Police and the car park staff in ensuring that dog show traffic is directed off the A34 as quickly and efficiently as possible.

GOOD CITIZENS SCHEME: The Kennel Club Good Citizens Scheme will again be attending the show. The ring will be situated adjacent to the Pedigree Masterfoods stand at the rear of the Secretary’s tent, and people may wish to take up the Good Citizens Challenge and prove that the beauty of their dogs is matched by good behaviour. Successful dogs will be provided with the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award. Testing sessions, under the control of Mr Paddy Coughlan and his wife, will be held throughout each day of the show - so go along and take part when you have the time. A charge of £1 per dog will be made and donated to The Kennel Club Charitable Trust.

TRADE STANDS: The concept of inviting Trade Standholders to send an early deposit of £100 to secure their site, with the balance being due on the second day of the show, has proved to be very popular. Mr John Barber (Trade Stands Manager) had been particularly pleased as it has enabled him to commence his trade stand layout work ahead of schedule. Mr Barber is responsible for all the trade stand matters, including siting and supervision during the show. Therefore any trade stand matters should be addressed to Mr Barber who may be contacted on 0152 789 2164.

EXHIBITORS PASSES: Exhibitors please note that if you have not received your Passes, or if you have a query on the Passes received, make contact with Higham Press immediately on 01773 832390. Do not leave this important matter until the last moment as it may then be too late to deal with the situation.

CATALOGUES: Also please note that the City of Birmingham Dog Show does NOT operate a pre-paid catalogue system. Catalogues will be on sale at the show from various kiosks on the showground.

CARAVANS: If you have requested provision of a caravan space will you note that the caravan passes will be sent out by the Secretary, so if you have any problems with these make contact with the Secretary.

Caravaners should be aware that on the Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday prior to the show the local radio station will be holding a ‘Party in the Park’ and will be using the area of land used for the caravan site. Therefore please note that as the Society will not be handed the area of land until the Wednesday morning and access will not be available to caravans until about the midday of the Wednesday.

PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE PRIOR TO THIS TIME AS YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GAIN ACCESS NOR WILL YOU BE ABLE TO PARK WITHIN THE VICINITY OF THE SHOWGROUND as the contractors will still be in the prices of dismantling the staging and security fencing relating to the ‘Party in the Park’ event.

CHANGE OF JUDGE: As a result of the unfortunate death of Mr B Williams who was scheduled to judge Lakeland Terriers, Mr Vincent Mitchell will now judge the breed. In accordance with regulations the change of judge was notified in the Dog Press.

Finally, the Show Committee in hoping that their President (Rev Gwyn Davies) will again invoke his special hotline to the weathergods, undertook to provide their own support by agreeing to attend Church or Chapel at every opportunity during the week prior to the show in an attempt to ensure the event dry and warm weather was provided.

First Day: (Judging will commence at 10.30am unless otherwise stated). Pavilion ‘A’: Ring 1 Salukis 69 (67); Ring 2 Borzois 64 (66); Ring 3 Greyhounds 32 (33), *Deerhounds 22 (24), *PBGV 24 (25); Ring 4 Basset Hounds 78 (82), *Basenjis 18 (20), KCJO Stakes NB 2.00pm; Ring 5 Finnish Spitz 32 (36), *Elkhounds 23 (26); Ring 6 CKCS - Dogs; Ring 7 CKCS - Bitches 282 (304); Ring 8 Griffon Bruxellois 53 (55); Ring 9 Miniature Pinschers 54 (57);

Pavilion ‘B’: Ring 10 Affenpinschers 61 (66); Ring 11 Lowchens 35 (36), *King Charles Spaniels 32 (36); Ring 12 Italian Greyhounds 49 (49), *Bichon Frise 20 (22); Ring 13 Japanese Chin 71 (71); Ring 14 Pugs 108 (115); Ring 15 Yorkshire Terriers 62 (68); Ring 16 Pomeranians 108 (115);

Pavilion ‘C’: Ring 17 Papillons 150 (158); Ring 18 Chinese Crested Dogs 73 (74); Ring 19 English Toy Terriers 48 (51), Maltese 28 (29); Ring 20 Whippets 182 (197); Ring 21 Dachshunds (Min S/H) 62 (65); Ring 22 Dachshunds (Min W/H) 59 (60); ring 23 *Beagles 30 (31), *GBGV 22 (24); Ring 24 Petplan Junior Stakes NB 1.30pm; Ring 25 Junior Handling Classes NB 2.30pm;

Pavilion ‘D’: Ring 28 Irish Wolfhounds 72 (76); Ring 29 Rhodesian Ridgebacks 104 (105); Ring 30 Afghan Hounds 136 (151); Ring 31 AVNSC Hound 32 (35), AVNSC Toydog 30 (31), Import Register 4 (5); Main Ring Puppy Dog Stakes 11.30am, Puppy Bitch Stakes, Veteran Stakes, Champion Stakes; Main Ring Special Yearling Stakes 11.30, Novice Stakes, Open Stakes; BIS Ring Toydog Group, Toydog Group Brace, Hound Group, Hound Group Brace.

Second day: (Judging will commence at 10am unless otherwise stated) Pavilion ‘A’ Ring 1 GSD (Alsatians) 104 (109); Ring 2 Briards 66 (68), *Alaskan Malamutes 56 (62); Ring 3 Bearded Collies 183 (210) 9am; Ring 4 BSD (Groenendael) 48 (51), *Leonbergers 66 (70), *Lancashire Heelers 30 (30); ring 5 Bernese Mountain Dogs 123 (140); Ring 6 Boxers 185 (187) 9am; Ring 7 Polish Lowland Sheepdogs 34 (34), *Giant Schnauzers 25 (27), *Anatolian Shepherd Dogs 9 (10), KCJO Stakes NB 2pm; Ring 8 Border Collies 208 (248) 9am; Ring 9 Samoyeds 94 (105);

Pavilion ‘B’: Ring 10 Pyrenean Mountain Dogs 69 (78), Bouvier Des Flandres 24 (26); Ring 11 Rottweilers 190 (200) 9am; Ring 12 Dobermanns 183 (195) 9am; Ring 13 AVNSC Working 12 (16), AVNSC Pastoral 37 (43), AVNSC Terrier 30 (31), Imported Register 40 (47); Ring 14 Bullmastiffs 87 (87), *Mastiffs 23 (27); Ring 15 Hungarian Pulis 46 (49), Norwegian Buhunds 25 (28), *St Bernards 26 (27); Ring 16 Collies (Smooth) 40 (47), *Collies (Rough) 35 (43), *Old English Sheepdogs 24 (24);

Pavilion ‘C’: Ring 17 Shetland Sheepdogs 172 (202); Ring 18 Siberian Huskies 167 (175); Ring 19 Bull Terriers 60 (65), *Kerry Blue Terriers 18 (18), Junior Handling Classes NB 2.30pm; Ring 20 Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers 68 (71), Australian Terriers 28 (29), Lakeland Terriers 18 (18); Ring 21 Airedale Terriers 46 (47), Manchester Terriers 35 (38), Petplan Junior Stakes NB 1.30pm; Ring 22 WHWT 136 (144); Ring 23 Norwich Terriers 51 (51), Norfolk Terriers 33 (36), *Bedlington Terriers 22 (24); Ring 24 Dandie Dinmont Terriers 40 (42), *Parson Russell Terriers 31 (33), *Fox Terriers (Wire) 19 (20), *Fox Terriers (Smooth) 9 (9); Ring 25 Cairn Terriers 104 (106); Ring 26 SBT - Dogs; Ring 27 SBT - Bitches 215 (228);

Pavilion ‘D’: Ring 28 Border Terriers 122 (133); Ring 29 Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 112 (124), Welsh Corgi (Cardigan) 38 (47); Ring 30 Newfoundlands 127 (131); Ring 31 Great Danes 201 (214) 9am; Main Ring Puppy Dog Stakes 11am, Puppy Bitch Stakes, Veteran Stakes, Champion Stakes; Main Ring Special Yearling Stakes 11am, Novice Stakes, Open Stakes; BIS Ring Working Group, Working Group Brace, Pastoral Group, Pastoral Group Brace, Terrier Group, Terrier Group Brace;

Third Day: (Judging will commence at 10am unless otherwise stated); Pavilion ‘A’: Ring 1 English Setters 139 (151); Ring 2 Hungarian Vizsla 115 (125); Ring 3 Pointers 159 (181); Ring 4 Retrievers (Labrador) 208 (242) 9am; Ring 5 Retrievers (Flatcoated) 119 (128); Ring 6 German Shorthaired Pointers 135 (153) 9am; German Wirehaired Pointers 51 (53); Ring 7 Gordon Setters 138 (154); Ring 8 Retrievers (Golden) - Dogs; Ring 9 Retrievers (Golden) - Bitches 301 (370);

Pavilion ‘B’: Ring 10 Larger Munsterlanders 57 (59), Spaniels (Sussex) 33 (37), Spaniels (Irish Water) 48 (51), KCJO Stakes NB 2pm; Ring 11 Retrievers (Curly Coated 45 (45); Spaniels (Clumber) 57 (59); Italian Spinones 48 (51); Ring 12 Spaniels (English Springer) 126 (137) 9am; Spaniels (Welsh Springer) 77 (79); Ring 13 Spaniels (Field) 63 (66); Brittany 31 (34), AVNSC Gundog 21 (21), AVNSC Utility 11 (13), Imported Register 17 (20); ring 14 Keeshonds 63 (66), Pet Plan Junior Stakes NB 1.30pm; Ring 15 Miniature Schnauzers 84 (88), *Chow Chows 19 (22), *Japanese Spitz 20 (22); Ring 16 Bulldogs 103 (108) 9am; French Bulldogs 83 (83);

Pavilion ‘C’: Ring 17 Lhasa Apsos 140 (157); Ring 18 Shih Tzus 183 (199) 9am; Ring 19 Dalmatians 136 (154); Ring 20 Tibetan Terriers 153 (160); Ring 21 Tibetan Spaniels 124 (133); Ring 22 Japanese Shiba Inu 64 (64), Schipperkes 58 (63), Schnauzers 51 (52); Ring 23 Japanese Akita 113 (124); *Shar Pei 50 (56); Ring 24 German Spitz (Klein) 63 (67), German Spitz (Mittel) 50 (56); Ring 25 Poodles (Toy) 92 (102); Ring 26 Poodles (Miniature) 72 (81), JHA Classes NB 2.30pm; Ring 27 Poodles (Standard) 98 (102);

Pavilion ‘D’: Ring 28 Spaniels (Cocker) 165 (189); Ring 29 Spaniels (American Cocker) 101 (115), *Irish Red/White Setters 35 (36); Ring 30 Weimaraners 188 (206) 9am; Ring 31 Irish Setters 214 (242) 9am; Main Ring Puppy Dog Stakes 11am, Puppy Bitch Stakes, Veteran Stakes, Champion Stakes; Main Ring Special Yearling Stakes 11am, Novice Stakes, Open Stakes; BIS Ring Utility Group, Utility Group Brace, Gundog Group, Gundog Group Brace, Best In Show, Best Brace in Show.



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