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(Updated 24/8/01)

The Chip is not infallible!

AFTER DRIVING 1,000 miles from her home in Finland to Calais, on her way to exhibit at the National Terrier Ch Show at Stafford, Miss Talvitie found she could go no further, writes Harry Baxter.

The chip inserted in her Dandie Dinmont could not be found by French vets despite their using three different readers, and the tattoo mark alone is insufficient identification for passport purposes.

As the dog had been to Britain previously without problem the chip's readability was not checked before leaving home. Now she is anxious that British holidaymakers taking their pets across the Channel should be aware of possible problems which could result in their dogs being quarantined.

Exhibitors in the south of England and those involved in continental breeds, or clubs which hold events in the low countries, regularly pass through customs without any problems.

A spokesman from the Dover ports authority recently said that they expected about 1,000 cat and dog movements per week but had been surprised at the higher volumes in the holiday season.

Exhibitors with an eye to competition overseas are already planning to exhibit at the European show in Paris nex April. In 2002 the World Show will be held in Amsterdam, Holland.