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(Updated 24/8/01)

Manchester Dogs' Home
after two and a half years, a happy ending for runaway Duke ...

MR HENRY Butler of Kendal Drive, Leeds, got the shock of his life when he received a telephone call from the reception staff at Manchester Dogs' Home last week.

On August 8, two girls had brought Duke, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, into the reception and told Dogs' Home staff that they had found him wandering in the Boggart Hole Clough area. The dog was scanned by Dogs' Home staff and was found to be microchipped. The pet register was contacted and the owner's details ascertained. Mr Butler was then telephoned and asked to come and collect his dog. The reason for Mr Butler's astonishment was that Duke had been missing for 21/2 years and lived in Leeds where he had escaped from the back garden through a hole in the fence!

Mr Butler duly called at the Dogs' Home, along with his son, and there was a joyful reunion with his long lost dog. Manchester Dogs' Home is keen to promote microchipping of dogs as it is the Home's aim to reunite dogs with their owners in the shortest possible time. A microchip cannot be lost, it stays with the dog forever. All dogs which are admitted to the Home are scanned for microchips and their owners contacted. But please remember to inform the pet register if you move house so that your dog's details can be updated.

The Manchester Dogs' Home will microchip your dog for only 10 which is a fraction of what would be charged by a vet. All dogs rehomed from Manchester Dogs' Home are microchipped.

... but not such happy beginnings for Smudge

On Wednesday August 8th last, a male teenager (thought to be about 17 years old) entered the Manchester Dogs Home reception. The teenager then proceeded to hurl a 10 week old puppy over the counter saying "I don't want this" and walked out, whilst a startled receptionist was left holding the screaming pup.

On examination by the vet, the pup (later to be named "Smudge" owing to her all black coat) was found to have a broken leg, a large lump on its head and a strange burn mark in the shape of a cross on its neck. The vet administered a pain killing injection strapped poor Smudge's leg up. Unfortunately the Home does not have x-ray facilities which means Smudge will have to go to an outside vet to have its leg set in plaster.

Smudge is approximately 10 weeks old and has obviously been badly treated. The Home appeals to anyone who may know anything about a pup fitting this description, to get in contact with them so that proceedings may be taken against those responsible. Smudge will be looking for a new home as soon as her leg has healed.