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(Updated 30/8/01)

Top animal care award for tube driver

A quick thinking tube train driver is to receive a top award from the RSPCA after he saved a dog from certain death.

Victoria line driver, Mike Fennessy, from Northwood, Middlesex, cared for the dog after it had been hit by a train near Seven Sisters Station in December of last year. The dog had been running along the track when a train coming in the opposite direction was unable to stop and ran over it.

But Mr Fennessy, who had been given the information about the incident, told his passengers what had happened and drove very slowly along the track until he could see the dog. The power was then switched off and Mr fennessy managed to rescue the semi-conscious dog.

He then continued to Seven Sisters Station with the dog in his cab before cleaning the wounds on its head and face while waiting for the RSPCA.

The dog named Mandy, had to have an ear removed because of her injuries but made a full recovery and has since found a safe and loving home.

Dog lover, Mr Fennessy who has worked for the tube for over 30 years said "I'm delighted to receive this prestigious RSPCA award but I did what anyone would have done in the circumstances. I am even more pleased to know that Mandy made a miraculous recovery and has now gone to a good home.

"Mandy was very lucky to live. I would just like to appeal to all dog owners to ensure that their pets are kept on leads when they are near stations or railway, because not only could a dog be electrocuted or hit, but it could result in a train accident with passenger and staff fatalities."