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(Updated 30/8/01)

Attention! Scottish Exhibitors Wanted... TV star!

IDEAL WORLD Productions is making a six part documentary series, Top Dogs, for BBC Scotland. The series focuses on the best dogs in Scotland, from the best police dog, drugs sniffing dog, sled dog, mountain rescue dog, stunt dog to much loved Therapet.

The Scottish Kennel Club has been asked to assist in their search for Scottish based Champion dog owners who would be interested in having the production team follow them and their dog as they strive to win Challenge Certificates across the UK. They would like to film you at home with your dog, the grooming and training, on the road to championship shows, and depict the excitement of the competitions, when, hopefully, the dog wins the much sought-after Challenge Certificate!

Ideally, the dog should be a Champion (or with two CCs)... or perhaps approaching the breed record for CCs... or perhaps your dog is the mother or father of champions.

It would be preferable if it was a small or very big breed, or perhaps something unusual (there are lots of GSDs, Collies and Spaniels as it is!). The production team would like to depict the effort and skill that goes into campaigning a Champion, and they would prefer a coated breed or a breed that takes a lot of grooming.

If your dog matches the description above or if you believe that your dog would be ideal for the series anyway, please call 0141-353 3222 and ask for Inge or anyone from the Top Dog team, so they can tell you more about the series and hear more about yourself and your dog.