Ch. Ir Ch. and Int Ch Geistvoll Othello at Tamberg

WITH THE death of Ch. Ir Ch. and Int Ch (FCI) Geistvoll Othello at Tamberg - after a short and sudden illness - Standard Schnauzers have lost one of their most outstanding representatives, writes Peter Newman.

Since post war years the breed has mostly been dominated by individuals gaining a considerable number of certificates rather than perhaps a general level of ongoing excellence across the breed. It has also been a period when there have been outstanding individuals but few great.

Remy is one who can carry that accolade both as a show dog and as a producer for he excelled in both fields as well as playing his part in elevating breed quality that today must be at its strongest, since the hay-day years of the thirties!

His successes in the ring were formidable but perhaps the time stamp of greatness with livestock is best measured through progeny as well as the effect an individual has on the breed through other breeders and exhibitors and the judges.

Remy had his detractors what outstanding show dog doesn't, but there is no denying he was a benchmark schnauzer having that essential schnauzer type which harmoniously scales up or down to the size of either cousin. He also had the special presence that makes a stand-out and all greats have, but which is so difficult to define.

Sent over from America as a puppy by his breeder Mrs Pope, Gill and Cliff Ogburn have never been stinting in their gratitude to her. Remy has been so very special to them right from the first and has given them so many happy times and memories.

To date Remy has eleven champions to his credit (seven UK, two New Zealand, one Australian and one Norwegian) and there are several more that should finish.

He was the first schnauzer to carry the Irish title and also the first to become an International Champion under FCI rules in that country. He is also a BIS and Res. BIS winner there as well as a group winner at the St. Patrick's Day show

Here in Britain he went BIS at Birmingham (National) and was also a finalist in both the Champion and Veteran stakes contests.

In all Remy won 59 CCs from 53 judges. He went Best of Breed at Crufts four times and was always in the final six of the group placing third on one occasion.

He was Schnauzer of the Year twice and went BIS at the club championship show on four occasions and twice at the Northern. He was also top Schnauzer for six years, top stud on five occasions and also top sire fives times including this year.


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