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Pets As Therapy - on the move

PETS AS Therapy were fortunate enough to benefit from GMTV's "Get Up and Give" appeal, and in order to secure the income thus generated, certain changes in administrative procedures have become necessary:

All NEW PAT volunteers (as of 20th July 2001) will pay their subscriptions to Pets As Therapy and NOT as previously to Pro-Dog.

Pets As Therapy will be providing the third party liability insurance. These new members will also receive a new photo membership card to ensure greater security. A brand new and comprehensive volunteer's handbook is production and will be circulated in due course.

They are moving offices with effect from 10th November - initially to short-term accommodation whilst they await completion of permanent office space to be provided by a large local authority.

For the time being their new address will be: Pets As Therapy, 17 Ambrook Road, Reading, Berks, RG2 8SL; tel 0118-975 1761. To which they ask you to address all correspondence and phone calls. Watch your 'PAT CHAT' newsletter for developments!

If you have any queries please contact Pets As Therapy head office number above, or Northern Director, Maureen Hennis on 01207-236040.