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Breeder faces jail

GSD breeder and former vet Dr Helen Hein who was in court again in November after she was prosecuted by her local authority for keeping breeding dogs without a licence has been sentenced to two months in prison.

After the case, was which heard but adjourned until December 6th., at Guildford Magistrates' Court, Hein was found guilty of keeping a breeding establishment for dogs, without a licence, contrary to the Breeding of Dogs Act 1973. Hein had been previously banned from keeping dogs in 1998 after a prosecution was successfully brought against her by the RSPCA for neglecting a large number of German Shepherd Dogs.

Last year a further fifty dogs were removed from Hein's home in Guildford in a joint operation between RSPCA and NCDL officials after she was once again found to be in breach of the original court order banning her from owning dogs. Hein had been able to circumvent the order by moving in a "carer" for the dogs in the form of friend Rachel Stafford.

When Ms Stafford left Hein's Amberwells premises, the dogs were once again in Hein's care thus breaching the court order. The current action relates to approximately 40 dogs which are believed to still be on Hein's premises.

Guildford Borough Council simply confirmed that the court hearing had taken place and that they were taking the dogs into care.