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Homes needed for 24 Staffies
Manchester Dogs' Home Special Appeal

OVER THE past few years, the popularity of Staffordshire Bull Terriers has increased dramatically and they are now one of the most popular dogs in the country. Sadly, this increase in popularity is reflected in the number which are currently being cared for at the Manchester Dogs' Home.

Manchester Dogs' Home appeals to all lovers of this special breed to offer a home to the 24 Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Terrier crosses presently on its sales row.

The vast majority of these dogs have a wonderful temperament with people but sometimes cannot be kept with other dogs. In order to protect these dogs, anyone wishing to rehome one will have to produce a vet's letter to prove they are responsible owners.

The Home is open seven days a week, 1pm to 5pm Monday to Saturday and 1pm to 4pm Sundays.

The Manchester Dogs' Home is situated at Crofter's House, Moss Brook Road, off Church Lane, Harpurhey, Manchester M9 5PG tel 0161-205 2205.