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Tragedy averted

Due to the quick thinking and actions of two exhibitors a chihuahua was rescued from the jaws of death on Sunday at Rutherglen Canine Club Open Show at Wishaw Sports Centre.

The drama started when the Chihuahua, Jotolemar Together in Time, owned by Lindsay Hay from Cowdenbeath, collapsed following a freak accident. It is unclear at the moment whether he fell from the grooming table or somersaulted on the floor whilst playing with a toy mouse. He had just won the graduate class and Lindsay popped him into his box before going back to the ringside.

Judging of the next class was in progress when a thump was heard and Lindsay ran back to find him lying prone. At this point his heart had stopped but Afghan exhibitor Ross Gilbert and Gundog trials competitor Richard Hunter rushed to the rescue. Whilst Richard carefully gave the dog mouth to mouth resuscitation Ross massaged it's heart. Twice he was revived and then taken outside for air whilst a vet was contacted.

The surgery asked for the dog to be taken in and Show Manager Jerry Robertson appealed for a driver who knew the area to drive dog and owner to the surgery. Debbie Starke responded immediately and rushed a distraught Lindsay and her friend to the surgery a few miles away.

Caleb the chihuahua was kept in for observation and allowed out later that evening on the understanding that he was to be kept very quiet for the next few days and taken to Lindsay's own vet the next morning. As of Monday last week he was still poorly but recovering and it is to be hoped he will soon be back to his old self.