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(updated 2/2/01)

Puppy survives swallowing 15inch breadknife!

A puppy is recovering after swallowing a 15-inch long bread knife during preparations for Christmas dinner.

Kyle, a six-month-old collie-Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross, shocked staff at a veterinary hospital, in Leeds, when they discovered the serrated knife lodged in his stomach.

His owner Eva Oliver had taken the puppy to the hospital on New Year’s Eve fearing only a stomach upset but the dog underwent major surgery when they discovered the knife pointing towards his throat.

Dr Ann Draper, who examined Kyle, said: “It was quite dramatic. He was seen for a vomiting problem just before Christmas but there was no indication of a foreign body or anything like a knife.

“It was only when it didn’t settle down that we decided to do an X-ray. It was just amazing. The knife could have cut his internal organs to shreds at any time and it’s a miracle he survived.”

Speaking about the operation at the York Road hospital, Dr Draper said: “They opened up the abdomen and approached the stomach.

“They then opened up the stomach before removing the knife, handle first, being careful so that the blade didn’t cut anything.

“Dogs eat things all the time but not things like this. I’ve been a vet for 15 years and I have never seen anything like this in a dog.”

Kyle, who is now back with his owner, was just 18ins long when the knife was removed from his stomach.
Dr Draper added: “We saw the puppy last week. He had a little swelling after the surgery but he’s been bouncing around and his eating is back to normal.”