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(Updated 01/02/01)

Stafford penthathlon set for September


THE WESTERN Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society is planning to hold a Stafford Pentathlon on September 30th 3001. There will be six exercises which will cover the disciplines of obedience, agility and working trials with the competitor choosing which five exercises they wish to work. Hopefully, there will be ten or twelve Staffords having a go!

There will be prizes to fourth place in each exercise and a trophy for the Stafford Pentathlon winner, i.e. the Stafford who has been most successful in five exercises. If there is a competitor who only feels that their Stafford can do four of the exercises, they can still have the chance to be placed in those but to gain the title “Stafford Pentathlete 2001’ five exercises must be attempted.

The exercises will be:
1. Search Square. Four articles to be placed in an area 20 paces x 20 paces. Five minutes will be allowed for the dog to recover the articles. Each square to be on a clean piece of ground and all gods to have similar articles, as in a working trial.
2. Heelwork. On and off lead worked as for obedience class ‘A’. Extra commands an be used but will be penalised.
3. Jumping Course. Standard rules over a timed course. Jumps will be fifteen inches.
4. Sendaway. 75 paces to a marker with the dog to be controlled at the sendaway point until recalled on judge’s commands.
5. Scent Test. Test on cloths, owner to use own cloth.
6. Retrieve a dumb-bell.

The judges are;

Search, Retrieve and Sendaway, Ruth Cahill;

Heelwork, Scent and Jumping, Kaye Faiers.

The Pentathlon will take place at John and Jacqui Barron’s South Western Canine Activity Centre, East Priory, Reeds Drive, Woolavington which is just off the M5 at Junction 23.

Sandy Wadhams of Genesis Pet Food has kindly agreed to sponsor the event and Wendy Clewley is donating a trophy and rosette for the winner. Rosettes for each exercise have been paid for by Sandra Stredwick, Ruth Cahill, Accolade Leathercraft, Paws in Water (Hydrotherapy for Dogs) and Posh Pets grooming parlour who have also donated toys for the winners! We do have some wonderful support.

Further details of this first ever Pentathlon and how to enter will be available nearer to the date but now is the time to start training if you want an opportunity to really show how clever your Stafford is!

Hopefully, there will also be a three way match between Stafford handling classes in the Western’s area. This would mean that Staffords and their owners can have a good day out whatever their choice of competition. Also, it will give Stafford owners who concentrate on breed showing a chance to see Staffords competing in different disciplines. It may even inspire them to have a go at training for something else!

If you are interested please let Marney Wells know at the following address: East Cottage, Horton, Devizes, Wilts, SN10 3NB, Tel: 01380-860779.