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(Updated 08/02/01)

Dummer Beagles

The Dummer Beagles at their meet at Home Farm House, Cherington, Warwickshire on 31st January with the three Masters, Robin Leach, Margot Wiffin, Robert Smith, Chairman Richard Russell and Huntsman Stephen Duckmanton. The Dummer, one of our premier packs of foothounds, was founded by a famous Hound breeder and naturalist, Sir Newton Rycroft, in 1939. A good show hound is not necessarily good in the field but the Dummer has an enviable reputation at both; and, unusually, it is a bitch pack.

Three classes were won last year at the Peterborough National Show and at the Builth Show the Dummer took all the bitch classes (which may be unprecedented).

L-R: Robin Leach (MH), John Hobbs (Whipper-In), Stephen Duckmanton (Huntsman), Margot Wiffin (MH), Richard Russell (Chairman), Robert Smith (MH), Paul Dent (Whipper-In);