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(Updated 10/02/01)

Stolen hunt beagle found

ONE OF the Beagles stolen from the Wye Valley College Hunt’s kennels in early January was recovered on Monday of this week in Bristol. Police have arrested a man and charged him with the theft of the dog.

The dog named ‘Sexton’ was one of 48 dogs stolen. He had been taken to a veterinary surgery, but the vet became suspicious when he noticed that a clumsy attempt had been made to alter the dog’s ear tattoo.

The police were called and arrested unemployed Julian Greensides, 34, from Stockwood, Bristol.

It transpired that Sexton had been castrated since his seizure by members of the Animal Liberation Front, who said that the theft of the Beagles was part of an ongoing campaign of direct action to stop hunting in the Kent area.
It is believed that Sexton had been taken to the vet to be treated for damage to his ear caused by whoever had attempted to alter his tattoo.

Hunt secretary Will Denne said: “We are very pleased to get Sexton back, he was one of our prized hounds and for our jubilee year in 1997 he was used as the model for a bronze sculpture.”

He added that Sexton’s return has given hunt members a faint hope of finding the other dogs but said they still fear some may have been killed.

The hunt has offered a £5,000 reward through the police to get all their beagles back and catch those responsible. After the dogs were taken, the ALF said they had been placed in loving homes.