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(Updated 08/02/01)

Obituary - Mary Chadwick

It is with great sadness that I have to record the death of an elder member of the Elkhound fraternity, Mary Chadwick, one of the last of the “old school”. That veteran of Lancashire, Jack Lester, phoned me with the news that Mary, whom he had known for over 50 years and stewarded for when she first awarded CCs in Elkhounds at Blackpool in the 60s, had passed away on Friday 2nd February. Mary was a very forthright person who always called a spade a spade, yet she was known in Elkhounds and indeed all those who knew her in the world of dogs, as someone who was always ready to help anyone, and she did this thoughout her life.

Last year, Mary celebrated her 90th birthday and was presented with a bouquet of flowers from the RAFA Association - which was featured in the local paper. A member of the British Elkhound Club for many years, she was made an honorary member several years ago. Her “Pabrisil” Elkhounds were known thoughout the country and she campaigned them successfully. Mary had been involved with dogs all her life, and some 10 years ago gained the “Our Dogs” 50 years achievement award - something of which she was always so proud. She first exhibited German Shepherds and was a frequent steward at Manchester Championship Show in the post war years. Equally well known in her home county of Lancashire, she was President of Heywood and Radcliffe for many years and ensured Elkhounds were scheduled at their shows.

During WWII, readers may recall that she was one of the first lady pilots in the UK, who piloted aeroplanes across Atlantic.

Always down to earth, but with a heart of gold, she had an independent character and one I grew to admire over the years. She will be very much missed in the world of dogs - in Lancashire and Elkhounds particularly. We offer our sympathies to her relatives and many friends.

The funeral will be held at 3pm on Monday 12th February, at Overdale Crematorium, Bolton.
Robert I Greaves

Mr Michael John Pestana

THE DEATH is announced of Michael John Pestana (Tuscan Secret Raider at Dezimba) on January 5th at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham after a long illness bravely fought. Pam and John, his parents, would like to thank everyone for their care and support for him and them.

Mrs Gladys Clayton

MRS GLADYS Clayton (Barvae) died peacefully on January 30th in Hull Royal Infirmary. Mrs Clayton was the wife of the late George Clayton and mother of the well known all round judge Patricia Clayton.

Mrs Clayton lived and breathed dogs and her famous Barvae Kennels made up champions in six different breeds owning some 15 breeds in the kennel at one time, some of us will remember the Barvae Beagles, Great Danes, Dandie Dinmont Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and many more.

We in this area also remember her as one of the founder members of the North Lincs Dog Club and becoming Patron of the club. A lady who had a wealth of knowledge concerning all aspects of the dog world, sharing this knowledge with anyone who cared to ask. A straight talking formidable lady who was not afraid to put over her point of view. We will all miss her. To Pat and Bertie we send our sincere condolences.

Fran Kay
North Lincs Dog Club

Olga's thanks

I would like to say a very sincere thank you to all in the world of dogs who have sent so many lovely cards, letters and beautiful flowers, also for the acts of kindness over the past 18 months to make things easier for Ken and me.

To the very many people who came long distances to attend Lawnswood, I send my heartfelt thanks.

Olga Bullock

Peter Bishop

WINDSOR GUNDOG Society is very sad to record the death of its Chairman Peter Bishop.
He joined the committee in 1982 and became Chairman in 1992.

We are among many Clubs who will miss his great courtesy, helpfulness and knowledge.

He was a very orderly man and used these skills to ensure the Society and its shows ran with friendly precision - no job was too small for him to do to make everyone’s day enjoyable - especially providing the sweets.

Peter never complained during his long illness and greatly appreciated the support his ‘dog family’ were able to give him. It’s trite - but we will not see his like again.

June Squire
Hon Sec Windsor Gundog Society