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(Updated 20/02/01)

Malinois police dog shot and killed in the line of duty


A POLICE dog in Pasadena, USA was shot in the head and killed one night two weeks ago and the police department wants to know why.

Jari, a 7-year-old Malinois, was caught in the line of fire when Pasadena police were searching for robbery suspects. Sgt. J.M. Baird said that the case is under investigation because Jari was released from his leash during the suspect chase.

“He came around the corner and was approaching the officer in a very aggressive manner which included the officer bumped by the dog,” Baird said.

“The officer could see the dog showing his teeth and the officer shot him not knowing that it was one of our dogs.”

Baird said that the officer was afraid that Jari was afraid that the dog was going to harm him.
Neighbor J.R. Labardini said that he is concerned about the lack of communication between members of the police force.

“I guess there should have been a little more communication on the radio or something,” Labardini said.
The dogs normally wear bulletproof vests, but Jari was not at the time of the shooting.
“This police dog did excellent service for our police department and it is a tragedy that we have lost this police dog,” Baird said.

The two robbery suspects were apprehended and arrested.