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(Updated 20/02/01)

NCDL sponsor dogs bark “Let me be your valentine!”


RESCUE DOGS on the NCDLs ‘Sponsor Dog’ scheme have embarked on a mission of love. In the build up to the most amorous day of the year, Ginger, Deana and their Pals in NCDL Rehoming Centres across the UK are sending a very special thank you Valentine’s Day card to the people who send them love every week of the year.

Ginger the Terrier was brought to the NCDL’s Evesham centre as a stray. He has been rehomed on numerous occasions but none of them have worked out due to Ginger’s over-excitable nature. Deana was born on a puppy farm and had very little human contact up until the age of three. Her bad start in life has made her very shy of people and it is unlikely Deana will find a home because of this. Both Ginger and Deana love food and their doggy chums.

Re-launched in 1990, the ‘Sponsor A Dog’ scheme helps the charity care for dogs who may never be rehomed. The scheme not only benefits dogs but the sponsor too. The dog gains the security of permanent care, food and medical treatment. The sponsor gains a new friend and a whole host of goodies including photographs and personal updates on how their sponsor dog is progressing. Sponsoring an NCDL dog costs as little as £1 a week.
For more information on the NCDL’s Sponsor a Dog scheme, please call 0845-7400600.