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(Updated 28/02/01)

SKC announces finalists

WE HAVE great pleasure in announcing the 20 finalists of The Scottish Show Dog of the Year, to be held on Friday 18th May 2001 at the Royal Highland Showground, Ingliston, near Edinburgh. This will be judged by Mrs Joyce W Mann.

Allan & Grieg’s Great Dane, Ch. & Ir. Ch. Turlum Tartan Special To Morardane JW.

Easdon & Martin’s Pekingese, Ch. Yakee Illusions Of Grandeur, and Ch. Yakee A Dangerous Liaison.

Fulton’s Hungarian Puli, Ch. Banhegyi Ansca With Mournebrake (imp).

Grieg’s Great Dane. Ch. Turlum True To Form.

Haran & Waddell’s Weimaraner, Sh. Ch. Narsad Nipsiquit Grey In Magregor.

Irvine’s Flatcoated Retriever, Sh. Ch. Gayplume Fine Fashion Of Dravidian and Sh. Ch. Vbos Lady From Louisiana.

Johnston’s Basset Hound, Ch. Burnvale Yardstick JW.

Lawrence & Livingstone’s Siberian Husky, Ch. Am. Ch. Solocha’s Southern Legacy.

Martin’s Schnauzer, Ch. Shered Snowy Knight.

McLaren’s Cocker Spaniel Sh. Ch. Bencleuch’s Bella Rose (JW).

McLean’s Japanese Akita, Ch. Melodor Resist’nce Is Futile (JW).

McNaughton’s Dachshund (Smooth), Ch. Cedavoch Wintertime.

McWilliam’s Samoyed, Ch. Roybridge Strike It Right Of Istramac.

Miller’s Boxer, Ch. Roamaro Fun In The Sun With Walkon.

Scougall’s Gordon Setter, Sh. Ch. Shannas Daimler.

Shaw’s Cairn Terrier, Ch. Spanyche Elizabethan Opal At Honeyhall.

Souza’s Tibetan Spaniel, Ch. Anavrin Highlander.

Winton’s Flatcoated Retriever, Ch. Briadwynn Bonnie Lad..