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(Updated 25/02/01)

Three day old Tyler proof of Eurolac pud!


FATE WAS definitely watching over ‘Tyler’ a three day old Jack Russell puppy, abandoned at the side of a road in Nottingham in a show box. She was discovered by a member of the public and the RSPCA at Radcliffe on Trent swung into action.

Tyler was brought to the Rescue Centre, which is believed to be one of the busiest in the UK, and Heidi Chapman, an animal care assistant at the centre was assigned to hand read ‘Tyler’.

Only two days before, David Rendell of Eurotec Nutrition had visited and donated a quantity of Eurolac puppy milk to the centre. The product is designed to be fed to even the youngest of animals, including dogs, cats or even rabbits.

“Fate is not too strong a word to use” says David, “I happened to be delivering some equipment to the centre which disposes of their solid waste, when we started to discuss the more acceptable end of the animal’s body. I happened to mention that our Eurolac Milk would be ideal for even the youngest rescued creature, due to the presence of our Bio-Tec live yeast within it. Well, one has to back up one’s claims, so I left a tub of Eurolac for them to try should a suitable recipient appear. The proof of the pudding is young Tyler.”


The centre Manager, Jo Hoaksey says, “It has been quite remarkable the way Tyler has responded to the constant care and attention from Heidi. They are both the heroes of this particular story.

“However, it has to be said that the Eurodog Puppy rearing products have also played their part, as Tyler has been successfully reared exclusively on them. On a more general note, without the genuine dedication of our staff, young animals like Tyler would have little or no future.”

Heidi, who will not now be parted from Tyler said, “Tyler is now something of a star having appeared several times on TV, and in all the local papers, but that still does not stop her wanting o do normal things like shredding paper and chewing everything in sight! Without a caring member of the public, the RSPCA and Euro-Dog, she wouldn’t be able to enjoy the life she is now being given”.