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(Updated 28/02/01)

The Kennel Club staff - Crufts 2001

Due to the number of staff serving at Crufts 2001 at the NEC, there will be a skeleton staff both at Clarges Street and Aylesbury.

In previous years The Kennel Club has had to close the majority of its systems for the duration of Crufts. This year, in an attempt to develop customer service, the Communications and Customer Services Department in Aylesbury will be operating a limited service, but will be available to respond to telephone enquiries relating to the registration system and its associated functions.

Customers will also be able to contact PetLog and Healthcare Plan departments. Departments at Clarges Street will not be available during this period.

Customers of The Kennel Club with any other type of enquiry are requested to avoid contacting The Kennel Club from Wednesday 7th March to Tuesday 13th March.

Full services will be available from the 13th March.