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(Updated 25/02/01)

Sally Pointon joins Our Dogs

OUR DOGS is pleased to announce that Sally Pointon, a former assistant editor of Dog World, has joined its team of columnists.

Spending her formative years in the South East of England, Sally emigrated to South Africa in 1972, having worked in London for a large international bank for a year as a school leaver. She joined a sister bank in Johannesburg and during her 18 year residence had a varied career with several commercial companies.

She met her husband Ray in 1973, also an expatriate and, having had a love of dogs since childhood, they soon became involved in the South African dog scene. She was a successful exhibitor, first in Old English Sheepdogs and later in Lhasa Apsos. She has continued to have success in the ring since their return to the UK in 1990.

Sally has combined her passion for dogs with a career in the dog press since 1993 and will be a familiar figure to many of you around the ringsides. As well as breeding and exhibiting Lhasas, she judges several breeds in the utility and pastoral groups. She has also presented a grooming video, written articles for various canine publications and enjoys photography, art and most sports.

Her new column Sally Pointon’s Newsround starts next week.

Contact Sally by Fax: 01233 646690 or by email: