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(Updated 25/02/01)

Samsung backs down over 'puppies for prizes' promotion


FOLLOWING CONCERNS expressed by the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Samsung, corporate sponsor of Crufts has announced that it will cancel a controversial credit card promotion to give away 200 puppies.

Trevor Wheeler, WSPA’s Operations Director said, “While I am delighted that Samsung has decided to stop this puppy give-away, WSPA is concerned for the future of the 200 puppies that are now effectively ‘surplus to requirements’. We are calling on Samsung to ensure that proper homes are found for these animals”.

A Kennel Club press release issued last week said “The Kennel Club is pleased to confirm that Korea Telecom - which is affiliated to Samsung, a Crufts sponsor - and The Korea Kennel Club, have halted a competition whereby dogs could be won as part of a credit card promotion.

“Their decision has been largely influence by direct intervention from The Kennel Club, which strongly disapproves with any dog or animal being given as a prize in a competition.

“Said Caroline Kisko, Secretary of the Kennel Club, “Once The Kennel Club was made aware of the company’s intentions to give away dogs as prizes, we reacted extremely swiftly to bring our disapproval to their attention, albeit that their intention was to raise public awareness of the joys of pet ownership.

“We as an organisation, promote responsible dog ownership and feel that the giving of animals as ‘gifts’ is totally unacceptable. The issue was raised at the highest level within Samsung and to their credit, they took our comments on board and have officially stopped the competition”.

She concluded, “Fortunately, no puppies have been bred in advance for the competition, therefore, there is not the issue of 200 dogs requiring homes. Both Korea Telecom and The Korea Kennel Club will be considering a more suitable alternative - an initiative that obviously has our full support.”