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Updated 14/01/2001

A whole new meaning to junk mail!

ESSEX COUNCILLORS are concerned that people cannot tell the difference between ‘poop scoop’ bins and post boxes, as letters keep turning up in the dog litter bins. The dog bins are painted red and are a similar shape to modern post boxes, although most of these are situated in parks, whereas post boxes are usually situated on streets.

Basildon Council’s environment committee highlighted the problem during a recent discussion on allowing advertising on bins.

Councillor Tony Ball, of Wickford South, suggested the council should place advertising on the doggy bins to help people distinguish them from post boxes.

He said: “The idea came up as several committee members said they had heard of instances where people had been posting letters in dog litter bins instead of post boxes.”

A council spokesman said: “We have 150 dog litter bins across the district and we have never had a report of something like this happening. Any potential confusion is soon to be cured as the colour of the latest batch of dog litter bins is grey.”

The committee recommended the council approve a deal with Trash Media. It will mean the company providing litter bins free of charge, in return for the council giving it exclusive advertising rights.
The Essex Chronicle said they would now look at whether companies could advertise on dog litter bins.

Clearly, with so many letters turning up amongst the deposits on dog poo bins, it adds a whole new meaning to junk mail being a load of . . . !

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